More detailed tips on roller skating brakes

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Roller skating is not a simple thing. For example, Huasha is a job that requires a lot of basics. So want to practice braking for the next stage. It is best to be proficient in the previous stage of braking (personal concept of proficient is to stop at 5 meters at full speed). Step by step, the progress may be slower at the beginning, but there will be a lot less bottlenecks. If you buy high-quality roller skates, your training will go a lot better.

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The first stage: rear shovel, abnormal teapot, front shovel brake, eight-wheel inner edge brake, inverted T brake. At this stage, you are a pure rookie, so what you need most is to cultivate a sense of drift. Therefore, the back shovel must be practiced and must be proficient. The rear shovel here does not refer to the direct shovel brake, but refers to the straight slip and then flips the foot to become a reverse shovel. When you are sliding, then use your waist to swing your feet, and when you swing your feet out, put your weight on the sliding feet. Keep pressing and you can come out. Perverted teapot brake, front shovel brake. When you have some feel for the shovel after practice and can float out, you can practice these two brakes. The center of gravity of the perverted teapot brake (also known as the Tianguo brake) and the front shovel brake is on the sliding foot. A lot of practice is ok. Eight-wheel inner blade brake, inverted T brake. When braking, the pressure edge is divided into the outer edge and the inner edge. Inverted T-brakes and eight-wheel inner-blade brakes are the simplest inner-blade brakes. When the inverted T brake is started, it is a reverse slip, and then put the brake foot in front of the sliding foot and drag it gently. When braking, the center of gravity is still on the sliding foot. The eight-wheel inner blade brake will not be introduced much. In short, it is very simple to press the center of gravity and stabilize the body. High-quality branded roller skates for women with brakes will be a little simpler.

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The second stage: Inner point, outer point, Q brake, Ensui, double brake. Congratulations when you have passed the first stage of practice. The threshold of the brake has been reached, and the road to practice will be more difficult. I hope you can persevere bravely. At present, the coolest and coolest brakes are basically concentrated in the second stage. So after this stage of practice, let’s go to Sao Nian bravely. Hey, if you want to be beautiful, you must practice diligently. This stage is dominated by support classes. There are internal points, external points, Q brakes, and Ensui for the support category. (The support class refers to the brakes with one wheel or one foot as a sliding wheel or a sliding foot when braking.) Of course, the most classic action of braking – double brake is also among them. Double brakes belong to the drift category (the drift category refers to the brakes where both feet or wheels are brake feet or brake wheels). OK, the brakes are introduced here, let’s start practicing.Please see <Detailed introduction of various types of roller skating brake related actions>.

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