Pay attention to the comfort of roller skates

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  1. Snow plow brake (SNOWPLOWSTOP)

    _|—>, some people call it a rear T-brake or powerslide. When you slide the T-brake forward, you see your feet are in an inverted T-shape, while the snow plow brake is a positive T. Take the left foot braking as an example. Stand up, turn your right foot 90 degrees, take a big step with your left foot to the left, and then bend your right knee. At this time, the center of gravity is naturally placed on the right foot.

    When sliding forward, use the right foot to make three turns with one foot, and then put the left foot on the ground. Or first make a Moheke into a back slip, then lift your left foot and put it behind your right foot for braking. Pay attention to the comfort of the roller skates for women.

Adjustable Girls Roller Skates
That is to say, the forward slide becomes the back slide. When the back slide is performed, the skating foot is bent, and the free foot is straight, similar to the back slide lunge. Step on the ground in a vertical direction, and step farther away from the skating feet. At this time, the skater’s posture is to slide backwards, bend the front feet, maintain the backward sliding, straight back feet, and the feet are perpendicular to the direction of travel, and use the friction between the wheels and the ground to brake. The braking effect is good, but if the technique is not good, it may turn a circle. There are two kinds of rotation, one circle. The speed is too fast, the standing is too high, or the strength of the back foot is not enough to support the weight of the body, so that the back foot is the fulcrum and rolls back in a circle.
Someone slipped forward, and the whole person jumped a little, turning sideways and braking. Snow plow brakes have a large braking force and are not suitable when the speed is too fast. Because the braking speed is too fast, the foot will bear a large force. So you can use the T word first.
2. Rotary brake
Some people call it two-character sha or unilateral sha, like ice hockey, with feet together and brushed out in the vertical direction. Put your feet together, then squat down slightly, then lift your body, turn your body 90 degrees to take advantage of the trend, pay attention to the moment you turn the roller skates smoothly (because the weight of your body has been lifted), this feeling can be First, hold the railing with both hands, lift the center of gravity, turn around, and lower the center of gravity. For example, if the body turns around with the right foot as the axis, but the left is enough to press the inner edge in the tangential direction, almost all the braking force is on the left foot.

Double Row Thickened Base
  2. Brake head

    The brake head of the casual inline shoe is at the rear, but someone will remove it.

    The brake head of the side-by-side fancy shoes is in front of the shoes. In fact, the main purpose of this brake head is not for braking. Of course, it can also be used for braking. The main reason is that there are some movements in the action of figure skating. When using the brake head, such as toe-loop, flip is the point of the brake head to jump.

    Side-by-side racing shoes: side-by-side racing shoes are “not allowed” to install brake heads in official competitions. Accidentally picking the brake head, it is very likely to fall very heroically.

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