Picking the right roller skates is very important for beginners

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The sport of roller skating is very popular among children. It not only exercises the body, but also increases the balance and coordination of the body. In fact, this sport does not necessarily have to go to training classes, self-study can also become a talent.

So how do you choose the right roller skates for you?

It is said that everyone’s hands and feet are a little different in size, and the two feet are slightly different, but they are not much different, but usually choose according to the first feeling of the upper foot, and the larger foot is the master. Think again and again and make a decision.

In the process of practicing, the first is to practice counterclockwise circles according to personal habits. The turns are skilled, but the more practice, the more uncomfortable the shoes.

So I changed the direction and practiced clockwise. It was awkward on the first day, and I felt like I couldn’t stand, the second day was awkward, and the third day was better;

It seems that after a week has passed, I don’t feel awkward anymore. After two weeks, I can slide clockwise very smoothly.

Today, I actually found that the two feet wearing the shoes no longer feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, the fit with the shoes is very good.

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There is no so-called habit that cannot be changed. The most difficult thing is actually the moment of decision.
You can experience the changes after changing your habits and experience them in person, and you can constantly inspire new thinking.
After buying your favorite roller skates for women, the next question is, what should you do?
1. First of all, emphasize that safety is the most important thing before learning. You can practice only after you have all the safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.
Second, secondly, we must first learn the basic standing posture-V standing.
The heels are close together, the toes are outward, and the entire foot shape becomes a V, which is also the origin of his name. Knees are slightly bent. When you have mastered this stance, you can go further and practice with your hands behind your back.

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  1. Begin to learn to walk in place. On the basis of standing in a V shape, lift your feet up and put them down one by one. After you become proficient, you can increase the amplitude. At the same time, put your hands behind your back. This is a basic movement that you must learn before you start sliding.

    Fourth, you can start to try to slide. The first is to lift and lower the feet alternately in a V shape. Before lifting the feet, apply force slightly forward and upward. The movements should be light, and the steps should not be too large at the beginning, and the arms should swing back and forth in a rhythmic manner. Keep your balance while sliding and lean forward slightly.

    When you get used to this feeling gradually, you can increase the pace and speed, and at this time you have already considered the entry of speed skating.

    The most important thing in roller skating is to maintain the balance of the body. Balance exercises are relatively simple. It only takes a few hours of training for beginners to master balance skills, but they need to be practiced frequently to consolidate their sense of balance. After learning to maintain the balance of the body, it is necessary to practice sliding. After 3 days of ground sliding practice, you can basically master it.

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