Reasonable maintenance of roller skates can greatly extend the life of the shoes

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So although roller skating is a very beneficial sport, if you want to learn roller skating well, a pair of high-quality roller skates is very important. A pair of unqualified “toy shoes” will not only cause partial toughness, but even seriously affect children’s Foot bone development. In fact, these are not caused by roller skating, but because roller skates are not qualified!

If it is a pair of qualified roller skating shoes, not only will it not have any effect on the child’s feet, but also through scientific practice skills and practice time, it can effectively enhance the strength of the legs and promote the development of children.

Beginners generally choose leisure, flat flower is fine, and it is also the most common roller skating shoes on the market, and old roller skating drivers can consider purchasing the advanced styles in the back, and there are advanced gameplays, with different fun .

The inner liner should be thick, and the memory liner has super wrapping and protection.

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If the child is beginner to roller skating and the weight is light, you can choose the roller skates with the integrated knife holder; if the weight is heavier, you can also choose the aluminum alloy separate knife holder.
Bearings are generally difficult to distinguish, because generally buying roller skates for women will not disassemble and look at the bearings. Be sure to learn to protect the bearings of the shoes, glide outdoors for a long time, and regularly disassemble and wipe the dust on them.
Brakes should preferably be detachable and self-contained. After beginners learn it, they can remove the brakes and learn the tricks. When the brake head is worn, it can be adjusted downward.
Well, after we understand the relevant knowledge and purchasing principles of roller skating shoes, according to our own budget and needs, quickly buy a pair of roller skating shoes that suits you.

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Recommendations for the use and maintenance of roller skates:

  1. Avoid sliding on wet, sandy and oily ground. Water and dirt entering the bearing will reduce the sealing and rolling performance of the bearing.
  2. Replace worn brakes and wheels as soon as possible. Rubber brakes and polyurethane wheels with good wear resistance can be used.
  3. Do not squeeze the bearing hard when disassembling the wheel, which will cause dirt to enter the bearing or deform the bearing. After sliding for a period of time, the wheels and bearings should be checked, and if they are loose, they should be tightened or replaced in time.
  4. After use, clean the surface of the shoe with a damp cloth, do not immerse it in water to wash or apply it with corrosive reagents. Roller skates should be placed in a cool place to dry, not exposed to the sun or baked.

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