Refer to the following aspects to buy roller skates

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When you are dazzled and don’t know how to buy roller skates for women, the following latitudes are also important references for selection.

  1. Brand

    The purchase of roller skating shoes should pay attention to the brand. A good brand must be guaranteed in terms of safety, and brands like Maigu, Fess, and Migao have been professionally making roller skates for many years, and their products have been subjected to the test of the market. , is still very reliable.
  2. Price

    As the saying goes, you get what you get for every penny. This principle has always been correct. When your budget is sufficient, choose a high-end version with a good brand and a higher price, and it will not be bad.

    After the brand price comparison, the following are also important dimensions of screening

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1. Upper
The higher the hardness of the upper, the better. This is a very important point. If you can press the upper of a pair of roller skates with your fingers, it means that it is an inferior product, please do not buy it!
2. Tool holder
The knife holder is a very important part, connecting the shoe shell and the wheel. I recommend using aluminum alloy as the material here, which is strong and looks good.
3. Wheels
Common wheel materials are divided into three types: plastic, resin, polyester. Generally speaking, the elasticity and grip of plastic and resin are much worse than that of polyester, but the former is cheaper and the resin is more expensive. Here I recommend polyester material. The heat resistance and wear resistance of the wheels are very important. Do not save the province where it should not be.
When looking at the parameters of shoe uppers, wheels and knife holders, most of them are basically in line with national standards, and even the manufacturers of many brands you see are the same, so keep your eyes peeled when choosing.

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I hope it can help those who are not clear about roller skates and have difficulty choosing. In addition, when purchasing, buy through formal channels. It is strongly recommended to buy a good brand. After all, it can be used for a long time. Moreover, the quality of the protective gear matching the inferior roller skates will be poor after all. When you first learn roller skating, you will inevitably fall. , a high-quality protective gear, is the last barrier to protect us and our children.

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