Roller skates are also known as ball knives in ice hockey

Adjustable wear-resistant brake heads

The roller skates in the sport of roller skating are also commonly known as ball knives, which is a term used by ice hockey.

In fact, when you play roller skating, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the shoes. It is quite enough to have a general-purpose roller knife. But if you are more professional, or a little more showy, you will buy a pair of roller skates to show off, especially now even if you don’t play, there are many people who spend a lot of money on ball knives, and the price of shoes is often related to technology. It’s not directly proportional… Roller skating is usually on a small field, you have to sprint with all your strength, brake with all your strength, and there are nine other people who are also crowded with you, so flexibility is not lacking. And these are the direction of the design of roller skating shoes.

The goalkeeper’s club is different from that of ordinary players, and the way of holding it is also different.

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The traditional club is a wood, carved from ash, maple or elm, but recently, due to the advancement of materials, there are different combinations: shaft (aluminum / wood / carbon fiber / fiber reinforced composite resin) + face ( wood/fiberglass/reinforced resin).
In general, most of the wooden shafts cannot be replaced with blades, which means that no matter what material the blade is made of, it must be replaced with a new one when it is ground to a certain extent. The aluminum rod and carbon fiber rod can be replaced with blades, and you can choose your favorite material to replace after wear. But the price of aluminum and carbon fiber rods is not cheap, and the price of replacing a better blade is about the same as buying a brand new wood. The harder the shaft, the faster the ball can be hit, but it requires a strong arm, suitable for professional players.
Generally, the speed of the ball shot by a roller skater can reach 100 mile/hour. When an experienced player is doing a “slapshot”, they will hit the ground behind the ball, and the force of the body’s downward pressure will make the ball stick. bend. This action is called “load”, and it uses the power of the club to straighten, plus its own power to hit a high-speed ball.

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But the harder the club, the more force it takes to bend, so it’s harder. Aluminum rods are hard rods, while reinforced resin rods have different elasticity and hardness according to the arrangement of their reinforced fibers, so there is a lot of room for choice. The material of the club is very important, affecting ball control and ball speed, just like the poundage of a tennis racket.

On the ground, it is suitable to use a wooden blade, but in general, the blade of the wheel blade is made of glass fiber or reinforced resin, and some are reinforced with a layer of resin outside the wood, or on the contrary, the pure wood is more durable. grind. Generally, a wooden blade is fine for terrazzo or a smooth surface, but if it is a concrete floor, it is better to use an all-resin blade. If you are playing on the asphalt road, it is not bad to use any club face, anyway. The wear is amazing!!

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