Roller skates have strong safety

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As a very popular sport, in addition to the entertainment and excitement of extreme sports, a very important reason is that roller skates have strong safety. Then, the following is the basic knowledge of speed roller skating organized by Xiaobian for everyone, welcome to read and browse.

Roller skating is a systemic exercise that can promote the improvement of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system and respiratory system functions and the strengthening of metabolism. For example, it can enhance the strength of muscles in arms, legs, waist and abdomen and the flexibility of various joints , especially for the mastery of human balance ability, which is of great help and coordination. So, the following is Cheetah’s sharing of roller skating practice skills and methods for everyone, welcome to read and browse.

How to draw eight characters in roller skating skills

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Drawing eight characters is a great way to control the stability of the inner and outer edges. Accelerate first, then place the two feet back and forth, with the toes facing the heels, forming a line. The movement of the hands is the movement allowed by the traffic police. The hands are pointed horizontally in the same direction to drive the feet through the rotation of the upper body, slide the arc, and use the inside and outside alternately. Ren can achieve sliding eight characters. The feeling here is very similar to that in Tai Chi. The rotation of the upper body is the movement of the mind, while the movement of the feet is the movement of the body. In doing so, it is very stretched and it also exercises stability.
How to maintain the roller skates for women after exercising?
Wheels: Although most of the wheel materials are very hard, you should avoid skating on rough roads, especially avoid hard braking on the road, which will make the wheels slip out of circles. Road wheels can slip on the road, but avoid hard braking.
Bearings: The most common condition of bearings is that fine sand and water run in, so try to install dust-proof gaskets when skating to avoid puddles; if you are skating long-distance roads, you should wash them with stain-removing oil immediately after returning. Lubricate; if skating in the rain, tallow or high volatile oil should be applied to the bearing before departure.

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Leather shoes: Generally speaking, leather shoes are not likely to cause problems, but after skating in the rain, you should put newspapers in the shoes to absorb water after drying with a hair dryer to avoid mildew.

Tripod: The most common problem with domestic tripods is the shaft detachment, which can be fast-drying or replaced. The vertices of the tripod will affect the flexibility of the press. If it is a foreign-made metal contact tripod, it must be oiled frequently. If it is a domestic-made plastic sleeve, it must be renewed after damage.

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