Promise me, roller skating beginners must wear protective gear, okay?

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With the beginning of autumn, the weather will become more and more comfortable, and many children are more willing to play roller skating. But pay attention to safety issues. There are also many children who are injured in roller skating every year. Most of them are injured during skating because they do not develop safety awareness, do not wear protective gear, or wear protective gear incorrectly.

First, most of the injured people have been learning for a while, they think they can, and they are bold enough to take off their protective gear. On the contrary, beginners rarely fall and fracture.

The second is that although the injured child wears protective gear, the wearing is not standardized or the quality of the protective gear is poor.

The injuries are concentrated in two places: the radius near the wrist and the humerus near the elbow. Among them, radius fractures accounted for more than 70% of the total.

When learning roller skating, wearing protective gear is essential. Falling without wearing protective gear may cause different degrees of physical contusion, causing the child to have a shadow on the sport and even give up.

Roller skating itself is not dangerous. Failure to establish correct self-protection awareness and protective gear wearing habits is the cause of injury.

Girl Outdoor Skates
Wearing protective gear can effectively prevent children from being injured and reduce the impact force by more than 80%. Allowing children to overcome the fear of learning roller skating will help them master new movements faster.
The six-piece roller skating protective gear refers to: two knee pads, two elbow pads and two palm pads. Correspondingly protect the palms, elbows and knees of the legs. These three parts are the parts that touch the ground and are under pressure when wrestling, and are also the most vulnerable places.
A complete set of protective gear for roller skating should include: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and palm pads.
There is no absolute order to wear roller skates and protective gear, but the palm pads must be worn last.
1. Wearing elbow pads
First, untie the straps, pass the arm through the elastic cloth sleeve, adjust the protective gear to the position of the elbow pad, and then fix it with the straps. This method is more firm and less likely to fall off. This style of wearing is recommended.
The second is to untie the straps, put the protective gear on the elbow pad, and fix it directly with the straps. This way is more convenient to wear, but not as strong as the first. Moreover, the straps will have direct contact with the body, which is not suitable for wearing short sleeves in summer.
The hardest part of the shell of the elbow pad should correspond to the elbow joint.

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  1. Knee pads

    There are also two ways to wear knee pads, which are the same as elbow pads. Similarly, the hardest part of the outer shell of the knee pad should correspond to the joint of the knee of the leg.
  2. Wearing palm guards

    Generally, elbow pads and knee pads are not divided into left and right, but palm pads are divided into left and right hands and front and back.

    The main protection of the palm guard is the palm, so the side of the palm guard with solid material is to protect the palm.
  3. Helmet wear

    When wearing a helmet, make sure your hair is straightened out first for comfort.

    Adjust the straps of the helmet to the appropriate length, and the straps should fit snugly on the face.

    When wearing a helmet, the helmet should be pressed above the eyebrows, the forehead and the back of the head should be fully covered, and the helmet adjuster should be adjusted to make the helmet fit the head better.

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