Roller skating is a comprehensive sport that integrates intelligence, technology and tactics

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Roller skating is a very well-known sport in the United States and even the world. Although many people have never been in contact with roller skating, they all know “skating”, “roller skating” and even “roller”.

Roller skating has many advantages: leisure, entertainment, fitness, competition, etc., which originate from more than 10 items of roller skating, each of which has its own characteristics and distinctive features.

Now many parents have signed up for their children in roller skating interest classes, and many kindergartens, primary schools, and middle schools have also opened various roller skating interest classes. I have already mentioned in this article “Learn why you should use branded roller skates?” why you need to buy high-quality roller skates for women, you can learn more after reading it. But most kids stop at the “slippery” stage. In fact, after crossing the stage of “from zero to skating”, children can continue to learn roller skating and come into contact with the wider sky – roller skating ball. It has a great effect on the growth of children’s physical, intellectual and quality.

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With the approaching of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the continuous broadcast of international ice hockey events on CCTV5, the holding of the Stanley Cup NHL China Tournament, and the broadcast of the entertainment growth program “Big Ice Junior”, ice hockey has gradually entered the public and media’s field of vision.
Ice hockey is over 100 years old. Because of the inability to train in the summer, the roller skating on land has gradually developed, and it has become more and more popular all over the world. Roller skating inherits the advantages of ice hockey, and does not have the strict field requirements of ice hockey. For domestic cities with relatively few ice rinks, especially in central and southern cities, roller skating is more suitable for promotion nationwide.

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Ice hockey and roller skating are very similar in terms of venues, rules, and equipment. The biggest difference is the venue and the shoes worn. There are many kinds of roller skates, and the styles are very rich. It is recommended that you be careful when purchasing.

Ice hockey is played on a real ice rink, and shoes with skates are worn. Roller skating is carried out on the cement floor, marble floor and other flat ground or on the ground where the roller skating suspension floor is laid, and roller skates are worn.

Roller skating can be divided into single-row roller skating and double-row roller skating. At present, single-row roller skating is the mainstream item in China. Roller skating not only pays attention to “foot work”, but also pays equal attention to the skating skills on the feet and the ability to control the ball on the hands. Because it is a team project, the tactical cooperation among team members and the tacit understanding among team members are also crucial. It can be seen that roller skating is a comprehensive confrontational sport that integrates technology, tactics, intelligence and body.

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