Roller skating is an aerobic exercise

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Did you see them flying around in nice roller skates for women in the park? Did you see them skating freely on the asphalt road? I’m sure you’re envious, because now there are roller skating places everywhere, and they’re enjoying the thrill in street skates or park skates.

Compared with other sports, roller skating may not be the most affordable, but why is the mass base so deep? The editor thinks that it is inseparable from the benefits brought to us by practicing roller skating. It can not only strengthen the body but also cultivate a good psychological character. Then why don’t we go roller skating?

About Roller Skating Fitness

As a sport, roller skating can not only strengthen our body, but also improve sports potential.

1 Leisure and fitness are both correct

Like swimming, it is a low-impact, full-body aerobic exercise. Roller skating is a relaxing, fun, long-term activity that is good for your health.

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2 Improve sports potential

Roller skating can comprehensively improve physical fitness, endurance, body balance and flexibility, coordination between the brain and various parts of the body, and the fast and accurate motor response. It can effectively improve and avoid problems caused by children’s poor development of motor intelligence. Children’s cerebellum development has a very good role in promoting.

3 Enhance physical fitness

Roller skating is actually a weight-bearing exercise, which can significantly enhance the strength of the lower limbs. High-quality roller skating shoes will bring you extraordinary results. When you study for a period of time, it will show obvious effects: in jumping, balance, running, etc., it shows lightness, patience, strong explosiveness, and changes in speed and intensity. Roller skating can also improve cardiopulmonary function. Roller skating is better than jogging and swimming , cycling and other activities can improve the body’s ability to absorb oxygen and reduce cardiovascular disease.

4 The effect of weight loss and body sculpting is good

According to the research, the heart rate measured when roller skating at a speed of 23km/hr is 74% of the maximum heart rate. This is a typical aerobic exercise that can strengthen the cardiovascular system and burn fat. The continuous roller skating can achieve the best results. Good weight loss effect, environmental protection and decompression.

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