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As a senior roller skating enthusiast, today I will give you a detailed introduction to the sport of roller skating. Why do I think of popularizing knowledge about roller skating now, because as roller skating enthusiasts, something exciting happened this year, that is, roller skating officially entered the Olympic Games, and roller skating is no longer just a niche sport for a group of enthusiasts , it will become an Olympic event that has entered the public eye. The purpose of my writing this article is to let more people know about it. Unveil it and let everyone really understand the sport.

Roller skating, as the name suggests, is sliding on wheels, also known as roller skating, roller skating, and is a sport of sliding on normal roads with special shoes with rollers. Most of the roller skates now mainly use inline rollers, also known as brushes, 66, (another name for inline roller skating fans for this sport, named after the sound of the wheels rubbing against the ground, players Skating on the road is called “swiping the street”, and 66 has the same pronunciation as yoyo, which is more interesting and smooth, and is mostly referred to by enthusiasts). Therefore, inline wheels have almost become synonymous with roller skating.

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This sport originated in 1860 and was originally an individual sport. Roller skating was a transition from ice skating. According to relevant records, roller skating was invented by the Dutch in the eighteenth century. At first, a Dutch skater, in order to continue training in the non-icing season, tried to install wooden spools under leather shoes and tried to slide on flat ground. His experiment finally succeeded after continuous failure and improvement. With the history of “skating” with wheel shoes, roller skating was born, emerged and developed rapidly in Europe.
In 1860, a Belgian mechanic and a musical instrument maker made a pair of roller skates for women by hand, but when they brought their masterpiece to the World’s Fair in London, there was an accident. A mirror was broken and people were injured. After this incident was fully reported by the media, it caused a huge shock among people. Therefore, roller skating was also regarded as a “dangerous sport” and was left out for quite a while. This prejudice has not been eliminated until now. Many parents now prevent their children from learning roller skating because they think the sport is too dangerous. Now it seems that this is obviously an incorrect understanding, because now you will wear protective gear when you learn roller skating, so the safety is still very high
In 1861, the excellent performance of roller skating at the Paris World’s Fair established its status in the sports family. The real roller skating was invented in 1863 by James Plimpton in the United States.
Skating has a great impact on roller skating. In the development of roller skating, it has gradually evolved into three different forms of sports: figure roller skating, speed roller skating and roller skating.

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Roller skating includes speed skating, figure skating and roller skating, as well as single row and double row skating. The roller skating event held on the roller skating field is the figure roller skating: it is divided into single, double roller dance and circular roller dance (prescribed movements). The winner will be determined according to the difficulty of the movement and the graceful dance.

Speed ​​skating is speed roller skating: a competition project with single-row and double-row roller skates as competition tools. The specific projects are: field competition and road competition are divided into two types: road competition and field competition. Field events include 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, 10000m, 20000m for men and 500m, 1000m, 3000m, 5000m and 10000m for women.

Roller hockey: It looks like a combination of ice hockey and hockey. 5 players from each side play on a 44×22-meter field. The rules are similar to ice hockey, but no physical collision or blocking is allowed. A game is 2-3 quarters , 15-20 minutes per quarter, the team with more goals is the winner.

Extreme sports and skills: Use the U-shaped platform to perform a variety of thrilling and complex skills, which is also the most attractive one in the roller skating competition.

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