Roller skating requires higher coordination of the body

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The earliest ice skates, dating back to 1100 AD, were games that used bones to mount on the soles of long leather boots to help hunters even hunt in winter. The first pair of roller skates for women were created explosively in 1700 AD by the Scottish nation Dutchman; he hoped to simulate iceskating in the summer, so he attached him with a wooden spool of nails. on the shoes. In the middle of the year the first ice skating club was formed in Edinburgh (Edinburgh).

The three types of roller skates are extreme shoes, speed skating shoes, flat shoes, roller skates commonly known as roller skates and roller skates. Most of today’s skaters mainly use inline rollers, also known as brushes. From a safety point of view, whether it is adults or children, beginners or people with certain experience, it is recommended to configure protective gear. Generally, protective gear is divided into protection. Wrist, elbow and knee pads. It is impossible to play roller skating without wrestling.

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The principles of single-row roller skating and double-row roller skating are different. Single-row roller skates rely on the softness of the wheels to absorb shock. The width of the wheels determines the resistance, and the size of the wheels determines the speed. Find a balance among these data, single-row roller skates are more Suitable for beginners, because there is only one row, it is easier to control and get started. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to buy the normal type first. When you already know your level or like to play the item, you can directly buy a better pair of casual shoes and extreme shoes. Or speed shoes.

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Roller skating shoes can travel, save walking time, and can exercise balance ability. Roller skating is a whole-body exercise, an entertainment activity, which can relax the mind, and enhance physical coordination and balance. Roller skating has the ability to balance the body, flexibility, and emergency response capabilities. And thinking, roller skating also has the effect of burning fat, which will prevent the symptoms of childhood obesity. Roller skating can not only improve the function of the respiratory system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, but also strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs, waist, and abdomen.

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