Rules for Roller Skating Weapons

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Rollerball comes from ice hockey, also known as “ice hockey”. This emerging competitive sport has attracted the attention of the public with its extraordinary thrill and excitement, and has become a major sports entertainment hotspot. Roller skating comes from its fast, exciting and intense game scene. And its use of screens, blocking tactics and player configuration are very similar to basketball. The venue is a flat and hard concrete, wood or brick floor, which is the so-called skating rink. The ideal site size is 20m X 40m or 15m X 30m. Roller skating combines the characteristics of ice hockey and polo. It is based on individual skills and teamwork. The rules of the game are loose and have strong confrontation. The sports equipment is single-row/double-row skates, but the single and double Two groups compete.

In the game, players on both sides hold a hockey stick, pass and control the ball, and finally shoot a small and hard ball into the opponent’s goal to win the game. In terms of sports equipment, double-row and single-row roller skates are different groups of games. Mixed game.

Skates Instructions
⒈ There are fourteen players in each team, and five players play each time, one of which is the goalkeeper.

2. Changes can be made at any time.

⒊ After the substitute goalkeeper is on the field, the goalkeeper who has been injured and retired is not allowed to play again until the first end of the game. The game continues uninterrupted when a player leaves the game with an injury, unless the team has the advantage or has a chance to score.

⒋ The club is made of wood, carbon fiber or aluminum, no more than 60 inches, balls are used for single-row groups, and elastic balls for roller skating are used for double-row groups.

⒌ Double-row roller skates for women for the double-row roller skating group, and single-row roller skates for the single-row roller skating group. The wheels are 55mm, 72mm, and 76mm.

⒍ Goalkeepers in the single-row roller skating group need to wear five roller skates and protective gear to protect the head and body. But no equipment is allowed.

⒎ Competitors must wear long-sleeved knitted uniforms and trousers. Back numbers must not be the same.

⒏ There must be a referee behind each goal. Each game must have an on-court referee, a timekeeper, and a scorer.

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