Seven technical essentials in speed roller skating

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In speed roller skating, it is very important to master the basic movement essentials, it can protect your body movement joints, reduce the resistance when skating, and at the same time allow you to lead others at the same speed.

In the case of similar quality of roller skates, how to make the speed faster than others? This article will mainly explain the basic action skills of speed roller skating.


  1. Basic running posture
  2. Kick off technique

    Third, the technique of closing the legs
  3. Landing technology
  4. Inertia sliding
  5. Swing arm technology for straight sliding
  6. Straight-track sliding coordination technology

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1. Basic running posture
In order to reduce the air resistance and achieve the purpose of fast rolling in speed roller skating, the body must adopt a special rolling posture. Whether the body posture is correct or not plays an important role in completing the correct action and effectively using the technology to exert the potential of the body. Therefore, the correct running posture is the basis of the sliding technology. The speed roller skating straight run adopts a semi-squatting posture with the upper body leaning forward, and the three joints of the hip, knee and ankle are in a flexed state. Relax your upper body, hold your hands behind your back, raise your head slightly and look 30-40 meters ahead. It is advisable to place the center of gravity on the center of the feet during sliding, the angle of the hip joint is 90-100 degrees, the angle of the knee joint is 110-120 degrees, and the angle of the ankle joint is 65-75 degrees. The thighs are located directly under the chest, the nose, knees and feet are in a line, and the center of gravity is exactly in the middle of the support wheel.
2. Kick off technique
Pushing the ground is the only source of power that propels the athlete forward. The quality of the kicking effect depends on the rationality of technical details such as the method, angle, direction, strength, speed and weight of the ground kicking force. The kicking technology is the core technology of speed roller skating. The kicking action is composed of three stages: the beginning of kicking the ground, the maximum force of kicking the ground, and the end of kicking the ground. A reasonable order of kicking and stretching is to extend the hip while extending the hip, then extend the knee, and finally extend the ankle.
Third, the technique of closing the legs
When the kicking leg completes the kicking action, the process of lifting the floating leg off the ground until it hits the ground again is called closing the leg. The task of closing the legs is to connect the pedaling and landing movements, and to maintain balance and relaxation in line with the movement of the body’s center of gravity. In addition, the active swing of the floating leg also helps the kicking leg to exert the power of the ground.

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  1. Landing technology

    The landing action refers to the action stage from the end of the leg closing action to the landing of the roller skates for women. The landing includes two action stages, one is the forward leg swing action stage; the second is the roller skate landing action stage. The method of landing is mainly to bend the thighs, pull from the back to the front, and land in front of the inner side of the kicking leg with the rear wheel leading.
  2. Inertia sliding

    Freewheeling refers to the action stage where a leg slides from the support after the roller skates hits the ground to the start of the ground push.
  3. Swing arm technology for straight sliding

    The swing arm is an important factor to obtain speed with the ground kick. The swing arm is used from short distance to long distance sliding. The swing arm can adjust the balance of the body, strengthen the ground kick, and facilitate the coordinated movement of the entire body and achieve tactical purposes.
  4. Straight-track sliding coordination technology

    Coordination technology plays an important role in coordinating, promoting, driving and saving energy in the process of rolling. At the same time, the effect of coordination technology is also conducive to the completion and play of tactical intentions. The coordination action is generally composed of two aspects, namely: the action coordination between the two legs and the coordination of the arm and leg action.

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