Several braking actions that roller skating masters must know

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If you have learned the first few kinds of brakes, then you are already a master in roller skating, and you have a very good tacit understanding with your roller skates. Interested in continuing your studies?

The third stage: One-leg brakes, UN, Savannah, and CP At this stage, they are the real brakes. This stage is very, very time- and energy-intensive to practice, and will be accompanied by a lot of pain. Hope you all can keep going. The base brake at this stage is a single foot brake. So the exercise of ankle strength has also become very important. I will also explain in detail in the chapter on how to practice ankle strength.

Single-leg brake: There are many ways to start a single foot: double-brake, abnormal teapot, front shovel, etc.

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The most commonly used in LZ is the perverted teapot, which is also the most commonly used method of single foot. So here I will tell you about the one-leg brake of the perverted teapot. Glide, squat slightly low, slightly sideways. Then go around your feet like a perverted teapot, but when you put your feet down, your support feet are raised and your upper body is turned to the side. Press your ankle until it stops.
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UN: Transliteration is also called Unibody. This is a cross-type brake. The difference between the cross-type and the drift type is that the cross-type basically puts the center of gravity and force on one foot, and then drives the other foot through the cross of the legs, and the driven foot (usually the rear foot) does not send force. Therefore, the brakes of the cross class are fronted with one foot. Because the cross class has to press the center of gravity and power on one foot like a single foot. How to start UN: Glide, turn the upper body slightly sideways, and then step out with the front foot. When stepping out, the whole body moves with the front foot. The upper body is facing the side, the calf is clamped, and the rear foot is dragged forward by the clamping point of the calf. Be careful not to step out of the foot first and then turn your upper body on purpose, so that the center of gravity will shift to the back foot. Be sure to start slightly sideways before starting, and then follow the force side of the forefoot.

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Savannah: This brake is the same as the UN, but with a rear crossover. Starting method: Slide, (slightly sideways), take out the foot, and then follow the front foot to the side, and the rear leg does not exert any force. The upper body is stuck on the shoulders, and cannot fall backwards with the force of the turn. Clamp the calf as much as possible. The difficulty of this brake is whether the upper body can get stuck on the shoulders and not fall backward and whether the center of gravity can be placed on the front foot. CP: It’s also a perverted double brake. The CP belongs to the drift type of brakes, but the starting method is similar to the abnormal teapot starting method.

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