Several simple and easy-to-learn braking actions

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by wind

Using the wind is less of a braking method than it is a method of controlling speed (although in windy weather it can also bring you to a stop). Stand with your arms fully extended and imagine being like a puffed sail. If necessary, you need to lean forward slightly and put your weight on the roller skates to strengthen the wind.


During low-speed taxiing, you can keep your heels together in a V shape (for backslides), or your toes together in a V shape (for forward slides), and your two shoes will stop you after they collide. This can cause you to fall in the direction of the slide (depending on your speed at the time), so you have to lean forward or backward to compensate.

You can even make the movement a little more exaggerated. Stand with your legs, wider than shoulder width, and move closer together in the direction of your heels or toes as you did before (this movement won’t make your shoes collide). Slow down by pressing on your inside edge with your legs. will be very effective. This can also be used at relatively high speeds.

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with brakes

Advanced Runouts:

When sliding onto the grass, you can control your speed by alternating between the grass and the ground. This trick works well when going downhill. To stop, just stay on the grass.

On the grass, keep your knees bent and one foot in front of the other. Almost all of the weight is on the foot that touches the grass first. Tighten the front leg as it plows a path for the trailing leg behind. Very little weight is left on the trailing leg behind. Relax the muscles, and the back leg does nothing more than stabilize and maintain balance. Here, the dominant leg does most of the work.

In the process of growing from primary to intermediate, many people have actually realized this. From the perspective of body movements, it is only a small calculation. The hard part is that you really have to understand the purpose and meaning of what you’re doing.

Glide on the turf at full speed, and have a small slope that allows you to glide a long distance before being stopped by the grass, which is also a kind of fun! But only if the grass surface is dry. Wet soil or grass It will clog your wheels, and your shoes will get stuck in the mud.

Note, please take care of your roller skates for women after training.

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