Should children learn roller skating with a coach?

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Children’s nature is to be free ~ run, run, jump ~ when children are growing up, proper participation in sports is conducive to exercising various body functions and improving immunity. Roller skating is a combination of entertainment and exercise, which is very suitable for children!

This sport is not boring, easy to learn, and has minimal restrictions on the venue. So you can see a lot of people playing all over the square. Many parents think: “You don’t need to register for a special class and buy a pair of shoes to learn roller skating. They can still skate themselves. Let him play as a toy!”

This is actually a huge mistake!

Without professional training, where is the danger of practicing roller skating?

Without the guidance of a coach, children are prone to incorrect posture and will not protect themselves when they fall. The foundation is not solid, and it is more likely to cause damage to the body.

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From the perspective of professional sports, if children aged 3 to 7 years do not have professional guidance, their legs will easily fall out, causing uneven stress on the bones. If the movements are not professional enough, or the training time is not well controlled, the normal development of the bones may be affected. Take it lightly.
Why should children learn roller skating with professional coaches?
It’s important to learn the basics, just like the foundation of a building. Try to let children learn in regular clubs, because only professional coaches can give children a correct, safe and happy roller skating learning atmosphere.
1. Professional roller skating coaches will teach children how to protect themselves. For example, how to fall is safe, how to use the protective gear on the body to disperse the impact force of the fall, so that the key parts of the body are not injured. Moreover, coaches will require wearing helmets and other protective gear when teaching, which can also improve children’s safety awareness and develop good habits.

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  1. Professional roller skating coaches will standardize the child’s posture and movements. Master the transfer of weight and use the kick and leg sliding method. If the child’s posture, movement, and force during roller skating are improper, these parts are very easy to be injured. With a solid foundation, roller skating skills can be better advanced.
  2. Professional coaches know how to skate, how to teach, and how to communicate with children. The coach will also recommend reliable roller skates to avoid biased edges. If the frame of the roller skate itself is crooked, no matter how slippery it is, it will be difficult to slide in a straight line. If the inner bladder does not cover the feet, some children often shake and grind their feet in the roller skates during training, which is prone to ankle injuries.
  3. Professional roller skating coaches will stimulate children’s sports enthusiasm and development potential. Through training, children gain a higher technical level and gain valuable qualities such as self-confidence, perseverance, hard work, and cooperation, which will benefit children for life. Parents will also discover the good side of their children.

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