Some basic common sense of roller pulley

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  1. Hardness identification

    We can find that most of the common double-row wheels use A as the hardness unit, while a small number of “professional roller skating wheels” use D as the hardness unit. The “A” designation is for the hardness of the polyurethane composite wheel, and the “D” designation is for the hardness of the plastic composite wheel.

    Whether it’s an “A” or a “D”,

    The lower the value – the softer the wheel, the greater the grip and the less rolling (only compared to smooth and flat surfaces);

    The higher the number – the harder the wheel, the less grip, and the greater the roll (only compared to smooth, flat surfaces).
  2. Wheel diameter

    The industry standard measures the diameter of a wheel in millimeters, ranging from a small 53mm to a large 85mm. Wheels with larger diameters have more inertia to overcome when starting off, but can more easily maintain higher speeds over longer distances, which is often referred to as faster battery life. Smaller diameter wheels are more agile and easier to sprint short distances because they are more agile due to their lower center of gravity and less resistance to quick starts and sprints than larger diameter wheels. Quick acceleration.

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65mm≤wheel diameter≤80mm, which is the diameter range of outdoor wheels of conventional double-row roller skates for women,;
53mm≤wheel diameter≤62mm, which is the diameter range of indoor wheels for conventional double-row roller skates.
3. Wheel width
The width of the wheel determines how much the wheel actually touches the ground, which affects the wheel’s rolling resistance and grip, as well as its overall stability.
There are both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Girls Indoor Roller Skating

①, indoor conditions. The wider the wheel, the stronger the grip provided in the corner, the greater the pace of ice pushing, the speed will be faster and more stable, the indoor wide wheel is mainly used for double row speed roller skating, roller skating blocking and double row roller dancing ( Jamskating) these three roller skating events; the narrower the wheel, the smaller the rolling resistance and the more flexible the indoor narrow wheel is mainly used for the two roller skating events of figure roller skating and double row roller skating.

②, outdoors. The wider the wheel, the greater the resistance in the outdoors, the lower the flexibility, but the stronger the stability. The outdoor wide wheel is mostly a right-angle edge, which is mainly used for double-row roller skating downhill and double-row speed skating road races; The narrower the wheel, the lower the resistance and the higher the flexibility. Outdoor narrow wheels are mostly curved edges. This type of wheel has a faster battery life and is mainly used for complex roads and roller skating marathon events.

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