Speed ​​skates and inline skate wheels are very different

Men's Street Skates

The principle of roller skates for women is that the larger the diameter of the wheel determines the speed, the larger the width, the stronger the grip, the larger the hardness, the smaller the resistance, and the tripod is used for shock absorption and tilt steering.

The principle of single-row skates is that the larger the diameter of the wheel, the faster the speed, the smaller the width, the smaller the resistance, and the hardness of the wheel determines the effect of shock absorption.

Since races are usually played on very smooth surfaces, the stiffness of the double-row wheels is high, usually between 93A and 97A, which is much greater than the common density of single-row wheels of 80A to 90A. The higher the hardness, the lower the elasticity and the lower the resistance. Usually 97A wheels are used. If the ground is very slippery, 93A soft wheels should be used to improve the grip effect. The standard width of the outer edge of the indoor double-row wheels is 40 mm, which is in It is also the widest of the indoor double row shoes. The wider the width, the stronger the ability to grip the ground, so that a good kicking effect can be obtained when kicking the ice and doing cornering actions. The wider the wheel, the greater the frontal resistance, but due to the high hardness of the wheel and the smooth ground, the frontal resistance is still acceptable. Such a wide section is a balance between the pedaling effect and the frontal resistance, and the width of 40 mm is the experience value accumulated over the years.

Boys Roller Skates
The difference between the double row speed pulley and the single row speed pulley is very large. The main parameters are diameter, hardness, width, weight and material. The wheel diameter of the speed pulley is relatively large in roller skates. The larger the wheel diameter, the faster the speed, but the weight is also larger. A common wheel diameter is 62mm, with occasional 66mm wheels. Such a wheel diameter is nothing compared to the 90 to 110 mm wheel diameter of a single-row wheel.
The standard width of the single-row wheel is 25 mm, and the wheel edge is extremely sharp, and the contact surface with the ground is very small when sliding, so the side resistance is small and the front resistance is small.
Due to the large diameter and width of the speed pulley, the hub and section are very large, so reducing weight has become an important task. Therefore, various manufacturers have put a lot of effort into the hub and section.
Most of the wheels are made of high-quality plastic hubs, and high-end wheels are made of aluminum alloys. The hubs are usually large and hollow, with a small width at the center of the bearing installation, and then gradually increase as the diameter increases. Finally, it intersects with the rim.

Roller Skates Beginners


The wheels are all made of polymer resin, and some types of wheels have a narrow groove in the middle to increase the grip.

outdoor double wheel

The outer edge width can reach 48mm, which is the widest among all double row shoes, mainly to improve the grip and adapt to the rough field. The common wheel diameter is 70mm, and the hardness is between 80A and 90A. Since outdoor surfaces are often not very smooth, the wheel size must be increased to ensure speed and resistance to small particles. Low stiffness means good shock absorption and good grip.

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