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Double row roller skates are mainly composed of upper shoes, axle frames, bearings and wheels. Among them, the axle frame is the core component, and all components are connected into one through the axle frame.

The main items of double row skating are figure skating, speed skating, roller skating and free skating. There are also people using inline skates outside for cruising or team blocking games. The following mainly discusses speed skating equipment in speed skating events.

The uppers of the speed skating inline skates are all low-tops, so that the athlete can squat to better complete the ice kick. Due to the small wheel diameter, the angle of attack on the ice is small, so low-top shoes can also meet the requirements. The common materials for upper shoes are plastic plus cushion, artificial leather and leather and other materials. High-end shoes basically use cowhide soles and cowhide or artificial leather materials to make upper shoes, which are light and comfortable. The well-known manufacturer Bont has launched a double-row shoe with carbon fiber and glass fiber as an outer surface of cowhide.

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Each wheel is equipped with 2 bearings, the model is 608 or 688, which is the same as the single row roller skates, and the technical standard maintenance method is the same.
The axle frame of double-row shoes is completely different from that of single-row shoes. The basic structure is to open a large number of mounting holes on a large base plate, and some of the mounting holes are used for the connection of the axle frame to the upper shoes. Make a mounting hole for installing the brake. The four most important mounting holes on the axle frame are used to install shock absorbers, which are made of soft rubber or soft resin. Since the inner and outer wheels of the double-row roller skates for women are grounded most of the time when sliding on a curve, the centripetal force must be provided by the deformation of the shock absorber. Above the shock absorber there are axles on which the wheels are mounted.

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The base plate of the axle frame is very wide and there are many mounting holes to connect with the upper shoe, which is why the upper shoe does not need much strength. The brakes on speed skates are usually small. Shock pads are usually softer in order to provide a large amount of inclination to generate enough centripetal force.

The distance between the two shafts is usually large to provide stable support. The substrate is usually made of aluminum. More and more products use ABS plastic and special nylon to make the substrate. Such substrates are polarized. Some low-end use ordinary substrates with poor precision and poor strength but cheap. High-quality plastic substrates have sufficient strength and weight than aluminum. The base plate is slightly lighter.

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