The benefits of roller skating brake heads

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Listed below are some of the benefits of roller skate brake heads:

  1. You can use it to brake even at very high speeds.
  2. When using the foot brake, both your feet are on the ground, which helps you maintain balance.
  3. When you need to brake in heavy traffic (maybe there are many cars or bicycles around you), using the foot brake allows you to control your movements in the smallest possible range.
  4. You can also steer while braking with it.
  5. The sound of the brakes can often warn others of your presence.
  6. Foot brakes are by far the most economical and practical technology for inline skating.
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    Now let’s start explaining how to learn to use the footbrake.

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Then, let your feet cross back and forth repeatedly, this exercise is to get you used to the transfer of weight between the feet. When using the foot brake, first step out of the leg where the foot brake is located, while keeping your toes off the ground and pressing your heels down. At this point your center of gravity should be between your legs. At first, it may be slightly behind your feet. The key point here is to do the movement with your back straight and your knees bent. If you feel that you have difficulty mastering your balance or that your brake feet lack wrist strength, here are some tricks you can try: Use the bottom of your legs to form a triangle with the ground. This means bringing your back knee close to the back or next to your brake foot knee to form that triangle. As we learn more, eventually we will learn to stop at high speeds. Generally speaking, the harder you press on the brakes, the quicker you will stop. To achieve maximum downforce, your entire body weight must rest on your footbrake, which means your other foot is actually off the ground and resting on your brake foot. of. This trick is a test of the quality of the roller skates, and requires you to practice repeatedly. It allows you to make an emergency stop at very high speeds and over short distances. Of course, you can of course keep the other foot on the ground for balance if you need to. Note that the resistance provided by the foot brake when braking is related to how old it is. Used brakes are ideal. So there are a lot of people who will sand off part of their new gates. Another very important thing to remember: you can steer while braking. While keeping the brakes on the ground, use the wheels on your heels to turn them slightly in the direction you want. This trick works great on narrow roads, or when you’re dodging things like pedestrians, vehicles, trees, and curbs. The price of the foot brake is cheaper than the price of the wheel. In the choice of braking methods, we have different choices, or use wheels, or use foot brakes, or nothing. But in most cases, we still need something to stop.

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