The development of extreme roller skating and Roller Derby

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extreme roller skating

Extreme roller skating is also called stunt roller skating, and people who play extreme roller skating are called ROLLERBLADING. According to personal wishes and habits, you can choose in-line or double-row extreme roller skates. Extreme roller skating is sought after by young people. It is mainly divided into street-style and professional venues, professional venues are divided into prop competitions, and half-pipes (U-shaped pools). Roller skating is a leisure sport, but it is also a competitive event. With its continuous improvement, a number of roller skating competitive events have been formed, and roller skating has appeared in the Asian Games (Roller Derby)

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Development: By the 1950s and 1960s, roller skating competitions had rushed out of the United States and swept Western countries such as Europe and Australia. The sport has a reputation for being wild and aggressive, and players have become increasingly confrontational. In the early 1980s, due to the slowdown in economic development, sports showed a downward trend, and the roller skating competition also experienced several ups and downs.​​
The evolution of modern roller skating: In the 21st century, roller skating has entered a prosperous age. Almost every state has an all-women roller skating league with a strong grassroots color: almost all roller skating clubs are spontaneously formed by enthusiasts, and the team members are not only athletes, but also owners and employees. . It not only preserves the direct and rude physical confrontation of roller skating competitions in the last century, but also adds the punk fashion elements preferred by modern women to the uniform. Roller skates have also developed in a variety of ways.

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Roller Derby

Rules of the game: The competition venue is a circular skating rink. The two teams will send 5 players to the field, including 3 interceptors, 1 support player, and 1 scoring forward. The first whistle sounded, and the interceptors and supporters quickly slipped out; the second whistle sounded again, and the forward at the back of the team slid hard, and as long as they passed the opposing supporters, they could become the leading forward. The more you surpass the opponent, the higher the score. Every two minutes is a jam, and the striker’s score is calculated after each jam.

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