The difference between inline skates and double inline skates

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Let’s first popularize the basics of double row skating.

1. Double row skating has no site restrictions. Different projects have different site requirements.

2. Double-row roller skating projects include figure skating, jam skating (double-row roller dance), double-row roller skating, roller derby, traditional speed roller skating, double-row extreme roller skating, and double-row downhill roller skating. Different projects require different configurations of double-row roller skating shoes, and the specific double-row roller skating can be done.

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International status. Let’s talk about some issues in detail below!

1. Regarding whether double-row roller skating can brush the street, the answer is yes, yes! With a soft wheel with a hardness of about 80a, there is no place where inline roller skating can go, and there is no one item that double row roller skating cannot go to. If you want to be fast, you can choose a wheel with a diameter of about 70mm. For specific reference videos, you can search on Youku Double row roller skating brushes the street.

2. What is traditional speed roller skating. Traditional speed roller skating is speed skating with double row roller skating equipment, which is different from the competitive speed roller skating with inline roller skating. Now double row roller speed roller skating, in the United States every year There are intercontinental events, and the Indian side also promotes traditional speed roller skating. So far, a considerable part of the speed roller skating world record is still held by double-row roller skating, and no one has broken it yet. For specific speed roller skating, see Baidu Encyclopedia. Triple. Double How much fun is roller skating? More, more than you can imagine! In addition to those items introduced above, double-row flat-ground fancy staking and double-row fancy braking are all challenging!

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The origin and development of the double-row wheel has a history of a hundred years, and the form has become stable and is in a state of decline; while the in-line wheel has only been developed for thirty or forty years, and the shape of the equipment and the movement itself are constantly changing and changing at a high speed. In development (for example, the configuration of three large 125mm wheels began to appear in 2015, and the action of flat flowers and brakes is still innovating). 2. Inline wheels are much more adaptable to the venue. Due to the large path and sharp wheel shape, the in-line wheel is much higher than the double-row in the control of the outdoor bumpy road. 3. In terms of gameplay, in addition to leisure, there are traditional tricks (similar to figure skating), roller skating and Rollerderby in double row; inline roller skates include speed skating, tricks, flat tricks, FSK, extreme (stunts), downhill, roller skating Balls, etc., the playability is much more, and the sense of speed is completely different. Even for roller skating with similar gameplay, straight row has almost replaced double row, because speed and viewing are almost not at the same level. 4. On the whole, the commercialization process of in-line racing events is much better than that of double-row racing, and it also receives more capital injection and attention.