The grip of skill roller skates is relatively weak

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Flat flower shoes are mainly used for freestyle roller skating such as fancy roll piles and fancy brakes, and can also be used for street brushing and leisure.

Roller skates uppers can be divided into hard and semi-soft. The hard top is wear-resistant, but has no plasticity, and is more suitable for braking and FSK starting. The semi-soft upper has a certain plasticity and will fit the foot well for a long time. Most semi-soft shoes have thermoplastic features. The base of the shoe mainly consists of plastic, fiberglass and carbon fiber. Of course, different materials will cause different price differences.

The shape of the upper is not much different. Some high-end shoes use a triangular support upper, which improves the flexibility of the ankle joint, but the stability is not as good as the ordinary upper. The triangular support upper is made from a variety of high-strength fibers. In order to solve the problem of insufficient strength, the existing triangular support upper is replaced with high-strength plastic.

All hardshell shoes and some semi-soft shoes have removable linings, while others combine the lining and shell to save weight, which cannot be replaced. The knife holder is removable and adjustable, made of metal, and has no brakes.

The characteristics of flat flower shoes are mainly reflected in its wheels. The four wheels on a shoe are different in size, but the middle two are slightly larger (generally 4mm larger than the diameter of the front and rear wheels), making steering and various fancy movements more flexible.

skates Roller
roller skating shoes
Used in roller skating, because it is a confrontation project, the strength of roller skates for women is relatively high. The game balls are hard and fast. The toes are protected by hard engineering plastic. The movement used in the competition has special designs such as a high heel protection system and an extra long tongue.
The upper is soft and the shoe body is comfortable. The knife holder is inclined forward. There are many cases of sudden stops and sharp turns in the game, so the knife holder and the upper are connected by rivets. The wheel layout of HI-LO is generally small in the front two wheels and large in the rear two wheels, which is convenient for sprinting acceleration. The multi-lace hole design makes the shoe fit the foot better.

High elastic wear-resistant PU wheel

extreme shoes

Also known as skill roller skates, laces and buckles are often used, so that it is not easy to cause danger due to loose shoe buckles when doing special effects. The base is also lower than on roller skates at leisure, which keeps the center of gravity low. The shell of the shoe is relatively hard, which can provide safety protection against violent impact.

Generally, the distance between the front and rear wheels is relatively close to weaken the grip, because too strong grip will make some special movements difficult to complete. There is a limit bottom plate under the base, which is used to clamp the steps, and a slot is designed in the middle of the tool holder, which is convenient for clamping the rod.

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