The hardness of the wheels of street roller skates should be around 83A

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Roller skates are divided into 5 rounds and 4 rounds:

The 5-wheel configuration of roller skates is generally 84MM×5/90MM×5.

The 4-wheel configuration of roller skates is generally 100MM×4/100 84 100 100.

In addition, in order to ensure the flexible movement of the ankle, the speed skating shoes use a CUFF-free design (meaning no upper), so improper use can easily cause sprains and strains, and novices try not to try roller skating shoes.

PS: To explain, brushing the street is to wear roller skates on the road, and the distance varies.

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Anyway, roller skating shoes are very technical, especially for novices, but no one is protected and novices who can’t stop suddenly, don’t brush, or the uncle of the police should beat you.
Classification of roller skates wheels:
According to the classification of roller skates for women knife holder: roller skates PVC rack, roller skates aluminum alloy rack. (two-piece, one-piece, 3D composite)
Classification according to the material of roller skates: PVC (mainly used for roller skates of no-name brands and children’s toys, poor elasticity, fast wear, easy to slip), PU. (Polyurethane, the material used in most roller skates in China. Good elasticity, wear resistance, and strong grip)
According to the classification of roller skate wheel size: 55MM, 68MM, 70MM, 72MM, 76MM, 78MM, 80MM, 82MM, 84MM, 90MM, 100MM, etc. (The larger the wheel of the roller skates, the stronger the endurance)

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According to the classification of roller hardness: 74A, 76A, 80A, 82A, 84A, 86A, 90A, etc. (The smaller the number, the smaller the hardness, the less noise when sliding, the larger the number, the higher the hardness, the faster the speed and the longer the durability)

Ps: Roller skating on the street or in the park is best if the big wheel is above 80MM and the best hardness is around 83A.

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