The history of roller skates

Women's Indoor Roller Skates

Double row skates, commonly known as roller skates. It is not only a recreational activity, but also a sport, and it can also be a means of transportation. There are usually two basic types: in-line wheels and double-row wheels. In the 1970s, when the polyurethane wheel was created, it was all the rage on the skating rinks of American disco music.
The origins of roller skates are interesting. It is said that as early as 1100, in order to hunt in winter, hunters put bones under the soles of long leather shoes, which is the earliest style of roller skates. In 1760, a London musical instrument maker, Josef Marin, invented a pair of roller skates with wheels, which were small and made of metal. He wore the skates to a masquerade party, skating and playing the violin. Although he himself eventually fell into a mess, he created a precedent for roller skating. In 1819, Mansir-Pitibo invented another kind of roller skates, with wooden blocks as soles and wheels underneath, and the wheels were arranged in a line. But because each wheel is a different size, the shoe can only slide forward. In 1863, American James invented a pair of four-wheel skates with wheels side by side, which can do various actions of turning, forward and backward. This is the most widely circulated roller skate.

history of skates
The sport of gliding on hard surfaces in special shoes with rollers. Also called roller skating. Roller skating started in 1760 and was invented by Joseph Merlin in Belgium. More than 100 years later, James Plimpton in the United States developed roller skates into 4-wheeled. It was not until 1884 that Richardson in the United States installed ball bearings on roller skates for women, which developed. In 1884, Britain held its first national roller skating championship. In the early 20th century, roller skating was widely developed in the United States and Europe. In 1910, roller skating began to appear in Europe. The UK built the world’s largest roller skating rink in 1908. In 1924, the International Roller Skating Federation was established, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.