The main difference between roller skates is the roller

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The roller skates on the market will be different from the design of the shoe body to the configuration of the roller skate bearings. The most important difference is the configuration of the pulley, mainly in the following aspects.

  1. Banana (roller skates banana wheel)

    This configuration of roller skates banana wheels is mainly used for flat flower players. In this configuration, the two wheels in the middle are larger than the roller skate wheels at both ends, which is beneficial to reduce the contact with the ground. The most popular configurations are as follows: 78/80/80/78 and 76/80/80/76. The advantages of its configuration are: the wheels of the roller skates at both ends are flexible and light, and the disadvantage is that it lacks speed and stability. After all, it is used to play flat flowers.

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2. Roller skates HI-LO
This HI-LO configuration method combines the needs of hockeyers and freeriders players and is loved by them. In this configuration the front two wheels are smaller than the rear two roller skate wheels. The efficient acceleration in this configuration is thanks to the two small roller skate wheels in the front, and the long-lasting range is thanks to the two large roller skate wheels in the rear. The current more popular configurations are as follows: 72/72/80/80, more suitable for hockeyers; 76/76/80/80 more suitable for freeriders. The characteristic of this configuration is the combination of good speed and lightness and dexterity of the roller skates. Therefore, every roller skater who pursues the perfect combination of speed and lightness can find their satisfactory configuration.

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  1. Roller Skate Sup HI—LO or Decreasing

    This Sup HI-LO configuration looks a bit like a “hybrid”, and its configuration inspiration may originate from those crazy riders. But such a configuration is rarely favored, mainly because of its complicated roller skate wheel operation. However, this configuration is a good “average” among the above 4 configurations. Therefore, this configuration is especially favored by roller skates for women for those who pursue alternatives. The currently more popular roller skate configurations are as follows: 76/78/80/82 and 78/80/82/84.

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