The most complete roller skating brake method

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For beginners of roller skating, after learning simple skating, the next step is to learn the most important technique – braking. The following are various braking methods to see if you can use them flexibly.


1 Front foot brake

2 Side slip extension foot brake

3 bow emergency stop

4 single foot brake

5 Single foot brake (T)

6 Rear foot lift


7 kneeling down

8 Stop on one knee

cornering brake

9 single buckle arc brake

10 Double buckle arc brake

11 Jump foot brake

12 Jump foot brake

13 Turn side brake

14 Front compass brake

15 rear compass brake

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16 T-stop for front slip

17 Toe-drag before slipping

18 Front slip and positive T-shaped inner brake (stop on the inner edge of the front foot)

19 Front slip positive T-shaped outer brake (front foot outer edge stop)

20 Rear sliding positive T-brake (snow plow brake)

21 T-brakes

22 Double inner blade T-brake

23 Double outer blade T-brake

side brake

24 Front side brake

25 rear side brake

26 Lightning Side Brake (Dual Side Brake)

27 T-turn brake with inner and outer edge of front slipping foot

28 T-spin brake on the inner and outer edges of the back foot

29 After the rear side brake is connected and rotated, the inner and outer edges of the foot slip away and the T-shaped turn brake

Eight character brake

30 inner eight-character brake

31 Outer eight-character brake

32 rear eight-character brake


33 Open the foot brake

34 Rotary brake

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