The quality of roller skates has a decisive influence on the level of roller skating

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Take extreme inline roller skates for women as an example:

  1. The wheel at the bottom of the shoe. The wheels of non-professional pulleys are hollow, regular small holes can be seen on the shaft, and the bottom of the wheel is often round. On the contrary, the professional level has solid wheels and flat bottoms, which can withstand large impacts and complete many difficult jumps.
  2. Whether there is a groove in the middle of the sole. This groove is used when the slider is fitted with the iron rod. Professional-grade pulleys must have grooves.
  3. The “beam” of the sole. Those with thick and thick beams are professional-grade roller skates, and those with weak “beams” are non-professional-grade roller skates. When wearing these shoes, you should be careful not to perform shock actions such as jumping, otherwise the shoes will break and cause danger.

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4. The weight of the shoe. Professional roller skates are heavy because many parts are solid and made of very strong materials.
The quality of roller skates has a decisive impact on the level of roller skating. The higher the level of players, the higher the requirements for roller skates.
1. Shoes: Generally speaking, the skates with shoelaces are better than those with buckles; the one-piece skates are better than those with shoe shells and shoe covers, because the shoelaces are used. Compared with the one-piece roller skates, it can fit your foot and the shoe tightly, while the roller skates with the buckle method and the shoe cover and the shoe cover are less able to fit your feet and are more uncomfortable.
2. Tool holder (base): The base of aluminum alloy is better, because the base of aluminum alloy is relatively firm and not easy to deform. Another point worth noting is to ask the boss how many mm wheels can be installed on the bottom frame of this pair of shoes, usually 76mm, preferably 80mm wheels, if you want to change wheels in the future, you can have more choices.

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  1. Wheels: The wheels must be highly elastic wheels, and must not be plastic wheels (pvc material). Generally, the high elastic wheel is softer and more elastic, while the plastic wheel has a hard feeling. You can try to tap the ground and listen to the sound. You will find that the sound of the plastic wheel is much sharper. The size of the wheel can be selected according to your actual situation. Some people have the misconception that the bigger the wheel, the better. This statement is incorrect. The advantage of big wheels is fast speed, but the disadvantage is that the center of gravity is high and the quality is large. Therefore, the size of the wheel depends on your actual situation.
  2. Bearing (bearing): The general roller skates use the so-called 608 bearing, and the bearing used for roller skates has a grade of ABEC1-7. The higher the grade, the more precise it is. The quality of the bearing can not be determined only by the ABEC index. The difference between the brands is often greater than these indices. Most of the general leisure skates used are ABEC3-7 general bearing.

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