The Rise of Jam Roller Skating

Women's Indoor Roller Skates

Jam Skating (JamSkating) is a combination of double-row roller skating and Locking, popping, Hiphop, Breaking and other dances to become an emerging trend of street culture in the United States. In the 1970s, it became popular in the United States with the rise of disco, so it was also called roller disco. As the disco craze in the 1980s gradually receded, jamskating began to add elements such as breakdance. Later, with the rise of American street culture, jamskating gradually joined hip-hop (hip-hop, breaking, popping, locking, jazz, house, krump) , reggae, c-walk, etc.), Latin dance, modern dance, ballet and other dances.

Girl Outdoor and Indoor Roller Skating

At the same time, due to the birth of other new sports with various tricks, jamskating also joined Chinese martial arts, Indian yoga, rhythmic gymnastics, Brazilian war dance, Melbourne shuffle, parkour, roller skating (figure skating, flat figure skating, etc.) Ornamental talents fused together and gradually evolved into today’s jamskating in the 21st century. Due to the many talent projects that jamskating integrates, and the continuous innovation of players from all over the world, there are countless fancy moves. Currently in the United States, there are Jamskating national events every year with generous prize money.

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