The skills that must be mastered in rapid roller skating

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  1. Emergency stop:

    In my opinion, the best emergency stop (when the speed is fast): Turn both feet 90 degrees at the same time, body back, and at the same time when both feet complete a 90-degree rotation, press the ground with the inner edge of one foot and the other outer edge at the same time. The posture of the body is: at the same time as the rotation is completed, the body leans back about 10 degrees and squatting into a half-squat. While the body is squatting, the center of gravity is applied to the roller skates for women to press the ground. Keep your balance by dancing with your hands at your sides. This method stops right away, and it’s cool! (There are also simpler actions in the forum).
  2. Rapid turn:

    Suddenly a car runs in front of you, what should you do? Would you be able to jump over a two-level bus? This requires a sharp 90-degree turn! To make a sharp left turn, start by shifting your weight to your left leg. Lean forward, knees flexed, left foot slightly forward and right foot behind. The body is in a half-squat position, and the outer edge of the left foot and the inner edge of the right foot press the ground in the opposite direction of the turn. Lean your body to the left and draw two “arcs” to the left with your feet parallel to complete the turn. To the right and vice versa!
  3. Turning during taxiing:

    The method of turning with two feet parallel to the ground with a short step:

    This turn is one step further than the turn described above, and it is mainly used in situations where the forward speed is relatively fast.

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The essentials of action are:
(1) Keep your feet in a parallel turning position.
(2) When turning left, the center of gravity should be tilted to the left.
(3) The outer edge of the left foot and the inner edge of the right foot alternately push to the right to change the direction of advance. The two pedals move a little to the left in one step, and turn the body to the left in a quick turn by alternating many times. On the basis of the above actions, completely shift the center of gravity to the left foot, lift the right foot off the ice surface and continuously push the ice from the inside edge to the side on the side of the body, and make continuous short tangents with the left foot. A left turn action is formed.
Step turn method:
This is one of the more difficult techniques in roller skating. It is a further development of the roller skates parallel short step turn.
The essentials of action are:
(1) Keep the posture of turning to the left unchanged. When the inner wheel of the foot is pushed to the right, the center of gravity of the body should fall on the left leg and support the sliding.
(2) The body leans forward and falls to the left. After the right foot is on the ground, quickly raise the right foot to the left side of the left foot and support the center of gravity of the whole body. Use the outer edge to cross the left foot under the right leg, and then quickly move the left foot to the front and inner side of the right foot to become a supporting leg, so that one right and one left is a cross step. Depending on the size of the curve, the speed should be repeated several times.

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(3) When stepping in the corner, the body always keeps leaning to the left. The two arms cooperate with the grounding action, the left arm swings back and forth slightly, the right arm swings back and forth, and bends the elbow when forward.

(4) The inclination of the body should be moderate. It is proportional to the speed of the curve, the faster the speed, the greater the body inclination.

When the body leans to the left and the left foot supports sliding in, the right foot quickly moves to the front of the left foot to drop the ice after kicking the ice, and the left foot kicks the ice with the outer edge. At this time, the body remains tilted to the left. Support your weight on your right foot and slide on the inside edge; bend your knees and lower your center of gravity.

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