The story behind the world roller skating champion

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Feiqian Su, the well-known name of this roller skating circle, when you see her on the field, she is beautiful and elegant like a white swan, you must not think that she was also an ordinary girl in the past, right? Its story with roller skating is full of legends…

Feiqian Su, a 1998-year-old girl from Sichuan, was first introduced to roller skating in the second grade of primary school. One weekend night, she was attracted by the people playing roller skating in the square.

Seeing a group of children, under the leadership of the coach, flying past like dragonflies and butterflies, I immediately wanted to join them.

When she ran home in high spirits to discuss with her parents, what she got was her mother’s objection. Her mother said that learning roller skating would affect her studies, and she would be prone to fall injuries.

Fortunately, the father is more supportive and persuaded to the mother, and he cannot keep the child at home all day to study. Appropriately participate in some physical exercises, let the children change their minds, and make friends to enhance their physical fitness.

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Under the two-sided attack of the father and daughter, my mother conditionally agreed to buy roller skates for women. She had to guarantee in writing that she scored 96 points in each subject in the final exam, and she could roller skate 4 times a week after completing the homework. In this way, Feiqian Su embarked on her dream of chasing roller skating.
Feiqian Su, who has a foundation in rhythmic gymnastics since she was a child, has strong waist strength and balance ability.
By chance, members of the MST national team of MIG came to Chengdu to perform, and Dad Su took Qian Qian to watch.
“There are people who can play roller skating so well!” The father and daughter, who were greatly inspired, joined the Sichuan Migao roller skating apprentice Li Yu after many setbacks.
Coach Li Yu tailored a systematic teaching plan for Feiqian Su to train the basic skills of roller skating.

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Sophie seems to be born to learn roller skating, and she has a strong ability to absorb roller skating.

She can remember the movement skills of those who “learned” skills with her and learned them quickly, and was called “genius girl” by people in the circle.

After 2 years of training, Sophie has acquired a solid basic roller skating skills and won the championship in the 2007 Sichuan Student Roller Skating Competition.

In 2008, Sophie began to participate in the national competitions and world championships, and she won the runner-up and third place respectively.

After joining the team, the Rat Team (the famous champion coach) personally went to Chengdu to give Feiqian Su professional guidance for more than 20 days, which not only allowed Sophie to learn a lot of difficult moves that she had never seen before, but most importantly, she had a deep understanding. Roller skating is the concept of combining technology and art.

Kung fu pays off. Feiqian Su’s dance roller skating is beautiful and refreshing, and the difficult movement “swan crab forward and reverse” has become her unique symbol, and she has become a lucky person with the achievement of passing 200 obstacles in 2 minutes. Nice world record holder.

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