The technical action teaching of speed roller skating

82A Outdoor Indoor Roller Pulley

With the entry of roller skating into the Asian Games, domestic roller skating is also constantly being carried out. From the first national roller skating championship to the holding of the Asian Games, roller skating closely follows the pace of the times. The introduction of roller skating technology, equipment, material selection has higher requirements. The technical action of speed roller skating is mainly composed of straight rolling, curved rolling and other techniques.

It consists of cyclic action stages such as kicking the ground, retracting the legs, landing, and supporting sliding. To complete these stages of action, well-made, high-quality roller skates for women are required, and it also involves a lot of action speed, strength, direction, angle, route, Technical details such as trajectory, frequency, rhythm, timing, amplitude, etc., are the key to good technique. Today I will introduce you to the technical essentials of speed roller skating.

Classic Four Wheel Yellow Roller Skates
1. Choosing a reasonable kicking angle is the key to improving the starting speed
Linear sliding of roller skating is mainly the rolling friction between the wheel surface and the horizontal ground. If the pedaling angle is too small, the wheel surface will slip off, resulting in weak pedaling and affecting the speed. Even if you do fast pedaling in the extended double support stage Slippage still occurs.
Slow pedaling does not produce slippage, but due to the slow stretching speed, pedaling is still weak, and the double support stage is too long, which also affects the speed. If the kicking angle is too large, the horizontal component force is small, the vertical component force increases, and the effective driving force cannot be achieved. Therefore, choosing a reasonable grounding angle is the key to improving the skating speed of the roller skates. Before choosing a reasonable grounding angle, the critical slippage angle between the pulley and the ground should be analyzed first.

A Pair of Ice Skates

Under the vertical force, if the angle between the roller skating and the horizontal ground is too small, the slipping phenomenon will occur. The angle of slippage phenomenon is related to the smoothness of the ground and the hardness of the wheel: the slippage angle of the smooth ground is large, and the slippage angle of the rough ground is small; the slippage angle of the high wheel surface hardness is large, and the slippage angle of the low wheel surface hardness is small. Why do I always recommend you to buy quality roller skates, because the poor quality toy shoes on the market are not enough to give you a perfect roller skating experience, and even hurt you, that will be a very bad result.

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