The world’s first roller skating competition originated in the United States

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Roller skating competitions. Including men’s and women’s single skating; men’s and women’s double skating; dance (men’s and women’s doubles) three. The single skating consists of two parts: the prescribed graphics and the free skating, of which the free skating is divided into short programs and long programs. Pairs skating includes short and long programs. Dance includes prescribed dance, creative dance and free dance. It is a perfect combination of three-dimensional movement, dance and classical music. It is known as the sister project of figure skating on ice ballet.

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Originated in the United States in the 1930s, the expansion of the roller skating shoe market made American businessman LeoSeltzer notice that more and more people like roller skating, so he borrowed the popular bicycle marathon at that time and created the world’s first roller skating. Contest. The 25 teams participating in the competition consist of one male and one female roller skaters. The goal was to skate 57,000 laps around the rink, roughly the equivalent of walking around the continental United States, and the race was a huge success, attracting at least 20,000 Chicago spectators.

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There are two types of track races and road races. The official race distance of the track track of the World Championships is: 300-meter time trial, 500-meter knockout, 1,000-meter, 5,000-meter, 10,000-meter point race, and 20,000-meter point race; road races include women’s 21-kilometer half-marathon and men’s 42-kilometer race. marathon. The venue track is basin-shaped like a bicycle rink.
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Roller skating is a sport that does not directly touch the ball. Competitors wear roller skates. Each side of the game has 4 players on the field and a goalkeeper. The sport originated in England in 1896. Although roller hockey originated in England, the sport is more popular in some Latin-speaking countries such as Spain, Portugal and Argentina. These countries have professional clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Porto and Deportivo, with more than 5,000 professional players in the sport. Roller skating is recognized as a world event by the International Olympic Committee. Roller skating is governed by the Fédération Internationale de Roller Skating (FIRS) through its Comité Internationale de Rink-Hockey (CIRH) and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). National associations are under the management of CIRH and can team up to participate in world and regional championships. For example, the European Champions Cup is organized by the Comite European de Rink Hockey (CERH).

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It is worth mentioning that the roller skating ball in the double row skating category appeared in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, and was the only roller skating event that appeared in the Olympic Games.

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