Tips for practicing roller skating

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  1. Exercise leg strength

    When roller skating, the center of gravity of the body is lower, and the whole body is basically supported by the strength of the legs. Therefore, before learning roller skating, you can strengthen the exercise of leg strength, such as squatting, running, etc.
  2. Learn how to stand

    The way of standing with roller skates on is different from our usual way of standing with shoes on. At the beginning of learning, if you sit on a stool and stand straight with roller skates on, it is easy to fall. The basic way of standing is: after putting on the roller skates for women, squat on the ground, with the left heel against the inside of the right foot, forming a T shape, supporting each other with the left and right feet, and then slowly stand up with the knees in hand.
  3. Stepping in place

    To be able to slide, you must first be able to stand firm and walk slowly. When practicing stepping, you can stand on the grass or the ground with the friction of the carpet, and step forward from the T-shaped to the outer eight-shaped. Reach back and repeat the exercise with the center of gravity on the left and right legs.

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4. Glide practice
After walking in place, you can try to slide. The basic action of sliding is to lunge forward with your left foot, push your right foot to the side and back, lean your upper body forward slightly, and place your weight on your left foot; Retract the foot to the inside of the left foot, slide the right foot forward, push the left foot to the side and back, and move the center of gravity from the left foot to the right foot.
5. Learn how to stop
There are wheels under the roller skates. Stopping is not something we can stop simply by standing. The general stopping methods are: mid-cut method, A-shaped stop, T-shaped stop, and emergency stop when turning. What beginners need to master is the mid-cut method, with both feet parallel, push the foot with the brake forward, with the toes slightly upward, so that the brake can be ground to the ground.

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  1. Learn how to fall with less damage

    Beginners will inevitably fall. When falling, keep the body falling forward, avoid falling backward or let a certain part of the body fully bear the impact, so as to reduce the degree of injury to a certain part.

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