Using a wall stop is a good way to brake

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If it is a child, the roller skates for women should fit the feet, that is to say, the toes can be straightened when the feet are inserted, but the shoes must not be large. In simple terms, there should be no lights inside the wheels that can shine. Those shoes have no friction on the ground at all. It is not easy for children to learn.

If you are an adult, your feet will not get bigger, so you can directly choose a shoe size of Xiaoping shoes for a long time, and then the flat flower shoes have no brakes, and the front and rear wheels are smaller than the middle two wheels. The above brands are quite suitable except for Migao.

As for the braking method, if the child has a brake on the right foot, lift the toe of the right foot forward, let the brake rub the ground, and sit slightly on the left leg.

For adults, there is a simple internal eight-character brake, that is, the knee is buckled in, the toes are inward, and the ground is shoveled like a shovel, and it stops at once. Well…not a very good description to stop, basically just don’t let the two feet mix with each other.

Then there is the T-brake, that is, one foot is forward, and the other foot is right behind the front foot. I am used to asking people to put their body on the front foot, and then put the back foot on the back foot and slowly stop. down.

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Runouts: If there is soft grass or something along the side of the slide, it’s easy, just slide on it. That kind of surface can help you slow down, but you have to be careful about sudden changes in speed. If you have lost control before Well, at least you’re hitting the grass, not the pavement. Wall stop: This stop is actually very simple, slide towards a wall or any reasonably fixed object, and use your arm to cushion while touching them . At lower speeds this should be fairly safe (remember to turn your head when touching the wall so you don’t slam your face into the wall). Your shoes may or may not hit the wall, depending on how fast you are gliding. The key point is that you have to learn to use your arms as a buffer. One way to do this is to stand with your shoes on and stand 1 or 2 feet from the wall, now lean towards the wall and support with your hands. You should bounce slightly, as long as you don’t hit your head against the wall. The faster you move against the wall, the lesser the bounce. Another method that can be used is to stop like a ball in a pool ball. Instead of using stationary objects, we’re going to use your skating buddies next to you to transfer your momentum to them. To be on the safe side, when you approach someone, warn them loudly of your approach. This method works well on flat ground and at low to medium speeds. However, it is not recommended to use this method at high speed and when there are no familiar companions around.

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Windbraking: Windbraking is not so much a braking method as it is a method of controlling speed (although in windy weather, the wind can also bring you to a stop). Stand with your arms fully extended and imagine being like a puffed sail. If necessary, you need to lean forward slightly to strengthen the wind.

The brake-pad: Foot brakes have always been a controversial thing. Many people who skate on real ice or rollerblades find it in the way, as if it shouldn’t be on roller skates. In a word, it is useless. However, if you learn how to use it step-by-step, you’ll soon find that your footbrake can actually do multiple things.

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