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Roller skates, commonly known as roller skates, also known as roller skates for women, are a daily leisure thing. Most skaters today mainly use inline rollers, also known as brushes. (The nickname for this sport by inline roller skating fans comes from the sound of the wheels rubbing against the ground during skating. Colleagues also call the roller skates “brushes” and skating on the road as “brush the street”). Therefore, inline wheels have almost become synonymous with roller skating. From the perspective of the arrangement of the wheels, there are double-row wheels and single-row wheels. From the perspective of the diameter of the wheels, they can be divided into figure roller skates and speed roller skates. Now many friends and children like to skate, but the roller skates on the market Shoes are of different workmanship and quality, which greatly increases the difficulty for many friends to buy roller skates. Let me share with you how to choose the right roller skates.

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1. According to the material of the roller skates bracket: the roller skates bracket is the bridge connecting the wheels and the shoes, which has the function of linking the previous and the next, and also determines the service life of the roller skates. Most of the high-quality roller skates brackets are made of steel, plastic steel or aluminum. Alloy-based, harder, not easy to cause deformation during roller skating, roller skates with high-quality brackets are safer to use and have a longer service life;
2. According to the wheel selection of the roller skates: Most of the high-quality roller skates use high-elastic wheels, which are soft in texture, better in elasticity and better in grip, while most of the inferior roller skates use plastic wheels, which are harder in texture. , the grip is poor. Everyone should pay attention to the size of the wheels when purchasing. The larger the wheel, the slower the acceleration, but it is relatively stable at high speed, the sliding is smoother and shock-absorbing, and the grip is better, while the small wheel is more flexible and the smaller The faster the wheel acceleration, but the less grip;

Girls Indoor Roller Skating
  1. Choose according to the thickness of the inner sleeve and the comfort of wearing: the thicker the inner sleeve, the more covered the feet, and the softer the tongue, the better. Suitable shoes that cover the feet can protect the ankle and make the movement more flexible. The high-quality roller skates should be strong enough, the sponge should be thick enough, and the density should be large enough. It is comfortable to wear, and there is no foot grinding, which makes it easy for people to stand. Stable, even if it is not slippery, it is mainly because the front and rear center of gravity is unstable, and inferior roller skates are easy to make the feet fall left and right;
  2. Select according to the sound of the roller skates when sliding: the high-quality roller skates have very little noise when they slide, and the sound of the roller skates landing is sturdy and low; while the low-quality roller skates have a crackling sound, so everyone buys roller skates. Pay attention to the sound of the roller skates.

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