What action points should you pay attention to in flat-ground fancy roller skating?

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Introduction to Flat Fancy Roller Skating (referred to as Flat Flower)

Definition: All kinds of continuous skating without jumping between a fixed number of standard piles while wearing roller skates for women.

Flat Speed ​​Style: Use any of the quick slide foot movements to glide around the pile.​​

Flat flower freestyle: perform basic technical movements according to the rhythm of the soundtrack and freely play a combination of smooth sliding around the pile.

Flat flower features: It is easier for beginners to get started, because there is no jumping action, so the dangerous injury is small, the adaptability is very wide, and it is convenient for men, women and children to practice. Unlike figure skating, which has strict requirements on the field and difficult movements with spinning and jumping. Although this project is easy to get started, in order to master it well, you must continue to practice, communicate, and learn new things, so as to improve your overall quality, and then you can become a skater to a certain degree. Therefore, it is very attractive to the majority of roller skating enthusiasts.

  1. Learn to fall

    The way of falling can be practiced with a thick and soft sponge pad in advance, and after you are proficient, try to practice the protection.
  2. Correct standing posture

learn roller skating
Pay attention to the control of the center of gravity
3. T-brake

roller skating

Correct skating posture
Pay attention to the control of the stance center of gravity
4. Asynchronous rotation of both feet

roller skating action
5. Front S winding pile

How to walk on roller skates
6. Cross-step around the pile

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7. One-legged pile

Practicing roller skating outdoors
8. Front and rear foot single wheel winding pile

Thrilling roller skating experience
9. Rear S winding pile

Ladies Beginner Roller Skating
10. Rear cross winding pile

Turn on roller skates
11. Rear single foot

How to learn roller skating for beginners
12. Rear single foot afterburner

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13. Synchronized rotation of both feet
14. Crab walking around the pile
15. The posture of the body when winding the pile
16. Rear anti-scissor winding forward span

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17. Rear S winding forward swivel

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