What are the basics of practicing roller skating?

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When playing roller skating, the first contact is the basic skills of roller skating. This is a road that all roller skating people must go through, and it is also the most grueling. If we pass the basic skills, we will come into contact with fancy and some advanced roller skating skills. This At this time, not only our basic skills but also the level of our usual exercises are tested. If we want to reach a higher level, the basic skills of roller skating will play a role here. Some roller skating people think that the basic skills are not very important, but they want to practice For higher roller skating skills, basic skills are essential.

In fact, basic skills are more important than fancy moves. As long as you practice enough basic skills, you can basically complete most of the movements by combining the basic steps with the use of inner and outer blades! But when practicing basic skills, you must grasp two points: Be stable and live! Practice first, then practice live!

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If you want to check if you are stable, you can do it as follows: Slide, then bend your knees slightly, bend over, put one foot behind the other, lift it slightly, and see if you can How long you hold on, the longer you hold on, the more stable you are!
However, because the body is a whole, it is obviously impossible to control the roller skates simply by the ankles or calves. It also needs the comprehensive cooperation of the head, body, hips and legs to form three points and one line, which is stable! After training, you need to Practice is reflected in the coordination of the activities of each joint. At this time, it is time to wrestle. Because you need to practice, you need to find some more fancy moves to do, but those fancy moves are somewhat difficult. It’s a big one, but it’s possible to start with simple exercises.

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For example, the front cross pile, you can practice the ankle, knee and wide joints, at the same time, practice the inner and outer edges of the roller skates for women,, and then the back cross pile.

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of basic skills. Many people do not pay much attention to the practice of basic skills. They practice some difficult movements at the beginning, because these difficult movements are indeed a symbol of masters in the eyes of bystanders (laymen), but experts do not think so. , Experts can infer your ice age and your sweat based on the use of the inner and outer blades and the stretching of your body. This is in response to the sentence “A layman watches the fun, an expert watches the doorway”. Although some people can pass through the pile smoothly, and can also use some complex movements to complete, but when it comes to the basic movements, they are dwarfed. However, when my teacher called me to walk straight on one foot, I couldn’t do it. Because of the lack of stability, I often couldn’t support it if I didn’t go far, and the stability of my ankle was very poor. , shake left and right.

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