What are the classifications of inline skates?

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Inline skates, also known as inline skates, as the name suggests, the wheels on each shoe are arranged in a straight line, the main categories are:
Casual roller skates
The wheels are the same size, with heel brakes, emphasizing comfort, and the shoe shell should not be too soft, otherwise it may cause ankle sprains. The knife holder and the shoe of this kind of shoes are integrated. The wheels should be made of polyester material to ensure sufficient elasticity and gripping effect. The quality of the wheels directly affects the effect and safety of sports. Children’s roller skates are mostly of this type, and they are mostly adjustable in size, with three or four wheels (mainstream) for each shoe.
racing roller skates
In order to reduce the load and give full play to the strength of the ankle, the uppers are relatively short (no clips), and the shoe body is made of full leather. Most of the good racing roller skates do not have brake heads, and some are like ice skates on water skates. It is characterized by a lower center of gravity for stability while sliding, and a larger frictional force on the racing wheel side for acceleration. Racing roller skates are generally dominated by 4-5 roller shoes.

popular roller skates
trick roller skates
Skill roller skates are also called extreme roller skates for women: they are mostly laces and buckles, so that it is not easy to be dangerous when the shoe buckles are loosened when doing stunts. The base is also lower than casual roller skates to maintain a lower center of gravity, and the shell is stiffer to provide safety protection against violent impacts. Generally, the distance between the front and rear wheels is relatively close to reduce the grip, because too strong grip will make it difficult to complete certain stunts. There is a slot in the middle of the tool holder, which is convenient for clamping the rod.
girl roller skating
roller skates
Also known as flat flower shoes, mainly used for fancy piling, fancy brakes, FSK, etc., and can also be used for street brushing. The main components are upper shoes, knife holder and wheels. The upper shoe is mainly composed of a shoe shell, an inner liner, and a card pot. The shoe shell is divided into hard, semi-soft and soft. The hard shoe shell is wear-resistant, but has no plasticity. It is more suitable for brakes, FSK and flat flowers. Semi-soft , The soft shoe shell has a certain plasticity, and it will fit better with the foot when worn for a long time. Most semi-soft and soft shoes have thermoplastic function (use a hot air gun to heat the shoe shell to deform it, use it with caution), There are mainly plastic, glass fiber, and carbon fiber for the sole of the shoe. Of course, the materials are different, and the price is also very different. The shape of the clip is not very different. Some high-end shoes use a triangular clip, which improves the flexibility of the ankle joint, but the stability is not as good as that of the general clip. The material is generally plastic, and the triangle clip is a variety of high-strength fibers. All hard shell shoes and some semi-soft shoes have removable inner liner, while other shoes in order to reduce weight, the inner liner and shoe shell are integrated and cannot be replaced. The tool rests are all removable and adjustable, all made of metal, without brakes. The characteristics of flat flower shoes are mainly reflected in their wheels. The four wheels on one shoe are not the same size, but the middle two are slightly larger (generally 4mm larger than the diameter of the front and rear wheels), which makes the steering and various flowers. movements are more flexible.
roller skating shoes
Most of the shoe shells are hard shells, and the knife holder is directly mounted on the base of the shoe shell. The wheels are also not the same size, but the rear two wheels are large, and the first two wheels are small, which is convenient for sudden acceleration.