What are the roller skating teaching games?

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Roller skating is a healthy and fashionable sport, and the development of roller skating shoes is getting faster and faster. It is deeply loved by many roller skating fans. More and more children join the sport of roller skating. Many parents enroll their children in roller skating classes.

In the roller skating training class, there are not only regular roller skating courses, but also fun roller skating teaching games to increase children’s fun. Especially for children who are just beginning to learn roller skating, through the atmosphere roller skating games, children can be played without knowing what to do. Feel free to master each training course, eliminate children’s fear of roller skating, deepen their interest in learning roller skating, and through games, coaches plan to strengthen students’ understanding of basic movements.

So what are the roller skating teaching games? How to proceed?

First of all, before playing the roller skating game, you must organize the children to perform “warm-up” exercises. Be sure to check whether the roller skates for women are worn correctly, and do some stretching movements, ligaments, and joints. These are essential, and you can start after the warm-up is sufficient. .

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  1. Pick up the corner mark (pick up pile)

    If the children are divided into two groups, you can put a pile of piles in front of each group, and which group can pick up the fastest. You can also place a bunch of corner marks in the middle, and compare which group picks up the most. The pendulum method of the pile can also be various, such as love, rectangle, square, U-shaped and so on.

    During the game, pay attention to the content and training purpose of today’s practice. For example, you can ask the children to fall and stand up when approaching the corner mark, or practice parallel squatting and sliding in the middle, and you can also add a low bar, or even slide in the middle. In addition to the inspection protective gear, the teaching courses can be interspersed in the process of playing the game, so that children can grow up in the process of playing the game!
  2. Play table tennis (exercise balance)

    Four people on each side will be transported on the designated runway or spacious road, and various forms such as obstacles, relays, etc. can be set up. (If the ping pong ball is not picked up where it fell, it will be considered a foul and it will be returned to the one meter position)
  3. Crab dribble

    In groups of two, the children face each other and hold hands. The coach puts the ball (volleyball) between your two children’s arms and walks sideways to the destination. The game can be moved left and right with practice. Also increases the difficulty

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