What are the toy roller skates on the market?

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More and more teenagers are now participating in roller skating. Many kindergartens and elementary schools also offer roller skating classes. Many parents are in trouble. How to choose a pair of roller skates for women that can protect the safety of the feet from injury and help children learn roller skating? You must know that if the shoes are not selected properly, it will not only increase the difficulty of children’s learning roller skating, but also cause damage to the children’s immature feet.

What kind of roller skates are safe and conducive to training and learning? What are the characteristics?

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1. The inner liner is full and bound, and it is comfortable and will not shake after wearing it. Long-term wear is still very full and erect.
2. Whether the tool holder is made of engineering plastics or metal, it must be one-piece. Such a tool holder has good supporting force, does not sag or skew the edge after wearing it, and has high safety. Long-term wear is conducive to the development of children’s feet bones.
3. The upper is hard, which can provide strong support for the child’s legs after wearing it to ensure that the legs are not biased or splayed. It is very safe and conducive to the learning of roller skating.
4. The wheels can grip the ground without slipping, and the equipped bearings glide smoothly and effortlessly.

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What’s the harm in these toy roller skates?

  1. The inner liner is thin and has no protective effect. If you wear it for a long time and come into contact with sweat, it will sag, and it will have no protective effect at all. It can be noted that if the liner is fixed on the upper with screws, then this kind of shoe should never be worn.
  2. The tool holder is a two-piece metal tool holder. The principle of this knife holder is: use screws to fix the bottom of the roller skates, and then install the wheels. Therefore, the stability is very poor, and nine out of ten will have a foot cramp and a side edge after wearing it. The longer the roller skates are worn, the greater the damage to the feet (especially the ankles).
  3. The upper looks the same as a good shoe, and cannot be distinguished from the appearance. However, after wearing it, it cannot provide strength support, and the child’s feet will stand crooked or slanted. There are also some toy shoes that are fine at the beginning, and can stand up straight after wearing them, but after a period of time, the uppers will become soft and the feet will cramp.
  4. Wheel slippage, or full flash, is not equipped with sports bearings but very cheap industrial bearings. With this configuration of roller skates, it is very difficult for children to use and slide, which causes difficulties in learning. Seeing others slide quickly, it’s very hard to slide yourself. Be especially careful with roller skates that are all glittery, and don’t let kids wear them at first. The more flash wheels, the greater the resistance and the easier it is to slip. For children who are just beginning roller skating, there should be no more than 2 flash wheels out of 8 wheels. You can replace the flash wheel after you can freely and proficiently glide in the future.

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