What configuration of roller skates is more suitable for outdoor street use?

Woman Outdoor Indoor Roller Skates

In view of the fact that many people do not know much about the outdoor ability of double-row rollers, here I will revisit the popularization of what kind of double-row roller skates are more suitable for outdoor.

In addition to some people who have never been in contact with double-row roller skating at all, there are also some players who have only contacted double-row roller indoor equipment, and there is obvious prejudice and misunderstanding of double-row roller skating outdoor ability. Most of these players wear cheap casual shoes for roller skating rinks, and a small number are roller skating block players. Their shoes have a common feature, that is, the wheels are small and hard, and the glue is too hard. When they put on these kinds of shoes, when they get to the road, they will naturally feel their feet shaking. They will not be able to pass through (it is easy to get stuck with small stones and other objects), they will not be able to accelerate, and they will be tired from sliding.

So, what are the characteristics of the double-row roller skates that meet the outdoor sliding performance? Then look down!

Blue Upper Outdoor Skates
Outdoor Wheels
1. Hardness.
78A-80A. These are very soft wheels, very grippy and suitable for use outdoors on rough asphalt or concrete roads or very slippery surfaces.
82A-85A. These wheels are also considered soft wheels and are generally considered to be hybrid wheels that can be used indoors or outdoors, and are more shocking than 78A-80A wheels on the same road surface. These wheels are great for beginners (even if you’re only skating indoors) because they give you more grip and control.
2. Diameter.
75mm and above. The larger the wheel diameter, the stronger the passing ability and the stronger the endurance. Everyone must know this common sense. Among the known double-row roller skates for women, the largest wheel diameter has reached 100mm. For long-distance outdoor brushing (such as roller skating marathons), wheels with a diameter of 75mm and above are more suitable.
65mm-72mm. Wheels in this range are suitable for short-distance outdoor brushing.
Outdoor Lamination
The structure of the double-row wheel bracket is similar to the suspension system of a four-wheel drive vehicle. By stepping on the inner or outer wheels, the rubber is deformed by force, thereby realizing the change of edge. Secondly, the softer glue can play a shock-absorbing effect outdoors.

Women's Professional Roller Skate Blue

The glue used with the shoes for the double-row court is generally hard, with a hardness of 88A or more, and the color is solid, such as all black and all red.

The glue used with double-row outdoor shoes is soft, with a hardness between 78A-85A, and the color is transparent, such as transparent blue, transparent green, and transparent white.

Therefore, a pair of double-row roller skates that meet the requirements of outdoor performance, the basic configuration is: large diameter soft wheel + soft rubber. In terms of outdoor experience, large diameter soft wheel + soft glue > large diameter soft wheel + hard glue > small diameter hard wheel + soft glue > small diameter hard wheel + hard glue.

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