What does roller skating PS brake mean?

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The first stage: rear shovel, perverted teapot, front shovel brake, eight-wheel inner blade brake, inverted T brake. At this stage, you are a pure rookie, so what you need most is to cultivate a sense of drift. Therefore, the rear shovel must be practiced Yes, and you must be proficient. The rear shovel here does not mean to shovel the brake directly, but to straighten the shovel and then swing your foot to become a reverse shovel. When you are sliding forward, then use your waist to swing your foot, and when you swing your foot out, focus on the center of gravity. Press on the sliding foot. Keep pressing and you can come out. Perverted teapot brake, front shovel brake.

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The second stage: internal point, external point, Q brake, En Sui, double brake. When you pass the first stage of practice, congratulations. You have reached the threshold of the brake, and the next practice will be more difficult. I hope you can persevere bravely. At present, the most dazzling and cool brakes are basically concentrated in the second stage. So after this stage of practice, Sao Nian, bravely go to Sao. Hehe, want to show Beautiful, you have to practice diligently. This stage is mainly based on support.


The third stage: One-leg brake, UN, Savannah, CP. At this stage, it is the real brake. This stage requires time and energy to practice, and will be accompanied by a lot of pain. Hope Everyone can stick to it all the time. Therefore, I recommend that everyone buy high-quality roller skates. The basic brake at this stage is a single-foot brake. Therefore, the practice of ankle strength has also become very important. I will also explain the practice method of ankle strength in detail in the chapter on the practice method later. Single-foot brake: single There are many ways to start your feet: double-brake start, abnormal teapot…

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