What is meant by balance ability?

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How to maintain the balance of the body after wearing roller skates?As for the word balance ability, you must have heard it in daily life, especially if there are children at home. When children are 3 to 6 years old, parents will use equipment to help children develop physical balance ability. So does this mean that an adult’s body balance must be so good that it doesn’t need to be developed? Not necessarily.

In skateboarding, the one thing we talk about the most is balance, in addition to coordination. What do you think of when it comes to balance? If I’m not mistaken, it should be physical stability!

“But didn’t we just learn about stability training last time?”

Yes, many people confuse balance and stability, but there is actually a difference between the two, not the same concept.

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01 What is balance ability
Balance ability refers to the ability of our body to automatically adjust and maintain our posture when we are still, in motion or under impact.
Balance can be further classified into static balance and dynamic balance.
Static equilibrium means:
The ability of the human body to maintain a certain posture of the body in a relatively static state, such as standing on one foot;
Dynamic balance refers to:
The ability of the human body to maintain the stability of the body in the process of exercise, such as skateboarding, gymnastics and swimming, all require a certain dynamic balance ability.
There is also a word closely related to the ability of balance, called proprioception, which refers to the sensations produced by the tendons, joints and other motor organs themselves in a static or moving state, also known as deep sensation.

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Proprioception allows us to perceive changes in body movements, as well as the space, position and pressure we are in. For example, when we are wrestling on a curved skateboard, proprioception can give us pre-judgment of our limbs, allowing us to kneel and fall. Minimize the level and maintain body balance.

That is to say, in the sport of skateboarding, adequate balance and proprioception are critical to our skateboarding performance, and they both reinforce each other. Because proprioception involves a lot, Xiao V only briefly talks about this part.

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