What is the difference between roller skating and ice skating?

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Rollerblading and skating? Roller skating and ice skating? I can’t tell the difference, this time I’ll do it!


  1. Items are different
  2. Different venues
  3. Different equipment
  4. Action details are different
  5. Different names


    different projects

    Roller skating and skating have three most basic sports, namely tricks, ball games and speed skating. At the same time, roller skating also derives sports such as flat ground tricks, trick braking, downhill, free roller skating, etc. Roller skating shoes are also various. of. Skating does not have so many categories and ways to play.

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different venues
There are many learning and training venues for roller skating, and it is enough to have a hardened surface; the basic movements and physical training of skating can be completed on an ordinary hardened surface, but the skating practice must be completed on the ice surface.
different equipment
The ground contact of roller skates is mostly rubber or PU pulleys, while the ice contact surface of roller skates is a metal “skate”; in addition, roller skating has higher requirements for sports equipment, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, hand pads, etc. There are all kinds of equipment, and the most commonly used protective equipment in skating is knee pads

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Action details are different

Although roller skating and skating are in the same vein and have similarities at the technical level, the action details of the two are quite different in terms of starting, acceleration, center of gravity switching, braking, and trick movements.

different names

Skating = roller skating, skating = skates, roller skating is roller skating, skating is real ice.

Skating, also known as “ice play”, has been skating in our country long ago, but it was not called ice skating at that time, but called “ice play”. “Ice play” includes speed skating, figure skating and ice acrobatics. Skating is the current popular name in Hong Kong, while in China it is called roller skating or roller skating, in Taiwan it is called skating, and in Macau it is called snow sandals. Regardless of the name, its purpose is only to distinguish between water-ice ground and non-water-ice ground. Its characteristic is to install wheels or skates on the sole of the roller skates for women, and ride on it to slide on the ground.

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