The wheels of roller skates are also various in the market, and the various forms allow customers to have more choices, so what is the difference between these wheels?

Wheels are soft and hard. The wheel meat on the wheel uses different materials, and its softness, hardness and elasticity are different. It is usually represented as a number + A on the wheel (eg 76A, 80A, 85A). Soft or hard? This is not absolute! The fit is the best. For example, roller skating has a lot of acceleration, turning, and emergency stops during the game, which requires the wheels to have excellent performance in terms of grip performance. Therefore, the rollers of roller skates are generally soft and have good grip performance. . Another example is the fancy braking in freestyle roller skating. The braking distance is a very important factor in the game. This requires the wheels to not grip the ground when they touch the ground, but to have a “floating” feeling, so the wheels used for braking are generally It’s hard and doesn’t grip the ground. Therefore, the hardness of the appropriate wheel should be selected according to the characteristics of the roller skating movement.

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There are materials. We do not mention the material of the wheel hub. The most common materials for wheel meat are PU, TPU, and PVC. PVC wheels are commonly known as plastic wheels, which are mainly used on roller skates for women of tens of yuan and one or two hundred yuan. The material of this PVC wheel is excellent, it hardly grips the ground, is easy to slip, and has no elasticity and shock absorption. Probably the only advantage is that it is cheap. TPU and PU wheels are commonly known as rubber wheels. PU is polyurethane, TPU is thermoplastic polyurethane, both are composite materials. TPU and PU are essentially the same material. But the formula used is not the same so the performance is also different. The use of materials with different formulations will result in different grip, elasticity and friction of the wheels. These are also PU and TPU wheels. Why are some wheels only 10 yuan a piece, while others cost more than 100 yuan.

Glitter and non-flash. Glittering Wheels Kids love it very much. And professional training did not use flash wheels. The wheel can flash because the coil is installed in the wheel, and the bearing in the wheel has also become a magnetic core with magnetism. In middle school physics we learned that the magnetic field cuts the coil to generate energy, and this ability makes the lights in the wheel glow.