What is the off-road capability of the roller skates?

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There are two types of roller skating, double row roller skating and single row roller skating. Even if you choose the right type of single-row roller skating, you can brush the street! Such as speed skates, block roller skates, downhill shoes.

To be honest, if the road surface is uneven, the off-road performance of double-row roller skating is better, because the double-row roller skating wheel has a larger ground contact area, and the shock absorption performance of the horse-foot structure of double-row roller skating is better than that of single-row roller skates and the wheels of single-row roller skates. Narrow, bad road is not only shocking, but also easy to fall due to insufficient grip. Single-row roller skating is not wear-resistant because it needs to find a balance between shock absorption and speed between the softness and size of the wheels. Blocking roller skates and speed roller skates are recommended.

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The structure of skate shoes is upper shoe, blade and nut. The principle is that the blade slides on the ice surface, with lower resistance and faster speed than roller skating. The types are divided into leisure skates, figure skates, hockey skates, short track speed skating and long distance speed skating.

Girls Outdoor Trend Roller Skates
double row skates
The structure of double row roller skates is: upper shoe, bottom plate, suspension, shock absorption, tripod, wheel, the principle is that the hardness of the wheel determines the size of the resistance, the size of the wheel determines the speed of the element, and the material of the shock absorber determines the shock absorption. Therefore, the harder the wheel, the lower the resistance, the larger the wheel, the faster the speed, and the better the shock absorber material, the lighter the shock.
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The structure of single-row roller skates is that the upper shoe, the knife holder, the wheel, the size of the wheel determines the speed of the speed, the width of the wheel determines the size of the resistance, and the softness of the wheel is used for shock absorption, so the larger the wheel, the faster the speed. The thinner the resistance, the softer the wheel, the smaller the vibration, and the types are divided into leisure
Speed ​​Skating Flat Figure Roller Skating Extreme Speed ​​Skating

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There are 7 kinds of freestyle roller skating, figure roller skating, jamskating, extreme roller skating speed roller skating and roller skating ball in the roller skating event. Pure single-row roller skating project, jamskating is a pure double-row roller skating project, and these projects have their own independent characteristics of roller skates, among which the biggest influence is figure roller skating, which is the beginning of all roller skating projects, and its official special roller skates for women are: Double row figure roller skates, because single row figure roller skates cannot be perfectly presented due to performance limitations, so they must be divided into categories. Figure roller skating originated from figure skating, and there are world championships or intercontinental competitions all over the world every year, which is very authoritative It is divided into sub-items such as single skating and pair skating, choreographing and creating dance regulations, graphics regulations, dance and other sub-items.

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