What kind of configuration are the wheels of general roller skates?

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As a simple and economical sport, when you play roller skating again, apart from the roller skates for women and protective gear you need to reserve when you are a beginner, there is almost no other cost. These sports equipment has a long service life and does not need to be replaced all the time. Then, the following is the basic knowledge of roller skates organized by the editor for everyone, welcome to read and browse.

Classification of roller skates:

Leisure: It is generally a semi-soft roller skating upper, which is comfortable and can only do a few fancy moves. Usually there are brakes.

That is what we all usually play, non-professional.

The requirements for roller skating shoes used for leisure are not very high. Generally, they can be used on the street (the meaning of this word will be explained later), the protection of the feet is better, they have a certain speed, and the price is relatively cheap.

These are the main features of roller skating casual shoes.

FSK: Usually we understand it as freestyle roller skating. Playing FSK requires a certain level of skill.

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FSK players may be roller skates flat flowers, roller skates extremes, or master roller skates who have been on the street for many years. In short, roller skates give people the feeling of being eclectic and handsome, but I feel that they are always jumping around. of.
Flat Flower: The abbreviation of Flat Fancy, popularly speaking, it is a winding pile, and more popularly speaking, it is a pile of paper cups, which are placed in a line and go around. (That’s it).
Generally, it is a roller skating hard shell upper, and the roller skating shoes have strong foot wrapping and are suitable for all kinds of flat ground tricks. The middle roller skate wheel is generally larger than the two sides, and there is no brake.
The wheels of flat flowers are generally made of roller skates banana wheels. Some people will ask “what is a banana wheel”. In fact, the two wheels in the middle are large, and the two wheels on the side are small, so that the four roller skate wheels will land on the ground and become two wheels at the same time. , because it is shaped like a banana, it is called BANANA.
The general configuration of roller skates and flat shoes is 72 76 76 72/76 80 76 80 unit millimeters. This design greatly increases the flexibility, but the corresponding stability of the roller skates when sliding at high speed is also greatly reduced. There is no way, there are advantages and disadvantages, so it is not recommended for beginners to buy roller skates flat shoes.

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The limit of roller skates: It is divided into U pool and wild street. U pool is a thing similar to a swimming pool, while roller skates wild street is much more random, and the most common scene seems to be roller skates sliding railings. (called C rod)

Extreme roller skates are relatively thick, and the protection of the ankle and other parts is quite sufficient. (gives a sense of armor)

The rack is generally made of roller skates plastic, and there are grooves in the middle of the roller skates, which is convenient for the use of the C rod. The roller skates have very small wheels. Generally, the leisure roller skates use 80MM wheels, but the extreme roller skates have a large wheel of only 57MM. The small wheels are for the convenience of the limit. Players can use it to stabilize the landing after jumping, but this design makes the limiters confused when they are on the street, so slow.

Speed ​​skating: It is the roller skating speed skating that can often be seen on TV. Speed ​​skating is a competition for speed, and it is a pure pursuit of speed. Although there are international roller skating shoe events mentioned above, there are only The international competition of speed skating shoes is recognized, and the national athletes only have speed skating, selection and training of the project.

Roller skating speed skating shoes are also quite special. The knife holder is long and the wheels are large, which is not convenient for fancy movements.

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