In recent years, ice skating has gradually become a fashionable leisure sport, especially an outdoor sport that many children like very much. However, compared with other sports, skating has certain risks. How to be both healthy and safe, the choice of skating shoes is particularly important.

Roller skates, originated in the Netherlands, are a kind of competition project using special roller skates for women as competition tools, and have also become a way of life and leisure.

The most important thing in roller skating equipment is, of course, roller skates. In the eyes of the layman, roller skates look the same, but in fact there are a lot of attention to it. Whether it is professional or not, an expert can see it at a glance.

Roller skating includes tricks, speed, extreme single row, leisure fitness, etc. Professional classification can be divided into leisure, FSK, flat flower, extreme, speed skating, ice hockey. Different roller skating sports require different roller skates, so you should pay attention to the selection. According to the upper shoes, roller skates can be divided into hard shell shoes, semi-soft shoes and fully soft shoes.

Roller skates are composed of upper shoes and lower shoes. The upper shoe is above the knife holder. It is mainly divided into: inner liner and shoe shell, which we also call the shoe body. The lower shoe is below the knife holder. It is mainly divided into : Tool holder, wheels, bearings.

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Beginners of roller skating, especially children, should pay special attention to safety when learning roller skating, and the choice of equipment is particularly important.
In addition to looking at the style, roller skates need to pay more attention to the “connotation”.
Don’t forget to buy a good quality protective gear set when shopping for roller skates, which includes: wrist guards, elbow guards, knee guards and a helmet.
The outer shell of the roller skates can prevent external impacts and protect the feet.
Good single-row roller skates are designed with straps and a buckle.
Good inline skates have a liner that cushions the friction between the foot and the shell to protect the foot from chafing and blisters.
A good shoe body should be strong enough, the sponge should be thick enough, and the density should be enough, a comfortable shoe body can make you more comfortable when you step on it. ️
Reminder: When choosing shoe shells, shoe shells that can be easily pinched or deformed by hand are inferior products and are not recommended to buy.

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Usually made from three different materials, namely plastic, resin and polyester. Plastic and resin wheels are slightly cheaper, but have less wear and heat resistance.

Good wheels are made of polyester, it’s hard-wearing, heat-resistant, and can ride for long periods of time. For those who practice for a long time, it is necessary to choose polyester wheels.

The better the elasticity of the wheel, the better the grip

When you buy, pay attention to the value ‘A’ on the label is the hardness, ‘mm’ is the diameter and width of the wheel, such as 80A, 72mm; the larger the value of “A”, the harder the wheel; the larger the value of “MM”, the more The bigger the wheel.

Tips: When purchasing, you can pick up the shoes and drop them from a height of about 20cm to 30cm above the ground. The higher the rebound, the better the wheels.